A group of tanned, good-looking beachgoers play an intense game of volleyball. A muscled guy spikes the ball over the net and it goes flying over a sand dune. One of the girls on the other team chases after it when her eye catches something in the sand. She reaches for a gold St. Christopher metal and tugs at it hard, thinking it's caught on something. After one last tug, a man's head, which was buried in the sand, pops out. Realizing that he's dead, she screams.

The beach is now a crime scene. Forensic crime techs work within a roped off section of the beach. Carlos Sanchez and Daniel Green stand over the dead man's body. Detective Jim Longworth approaches them, not pleased that he had to cut his golf game short to work. Carlos tells Jim that the victim died from a single gunshot wound to the chest. Jim determines that because there's no blood or splatter around the victim he was obviously killed someplace else and either moved or dragged there. Unfortunately, the high tide would have covered up the drag trail, so they have no way of knowing which direction he was dragged from. Daniel holds up the victim's wallet and cell phone and Jim asks him to contact the victim's phone provider to see who he's been talking to. He agrees and identifies the victim by his business card. His name is Josh Richards. Jim examines the card — it says Josh was VP of Concepts and Development at The Harrington Group, based in Silver Spring, Maryland. He asks Daniel to call the number on the card to make sure The Harrington Group actually exists and that Josh actually worked for them. Jim also asks Daniel to check with charter boat companies to see if anyone pulled out with a well-coiffed executive who mysteriously disappeared from the boat before it returned to harbor. Daniel heads off and Jim scans the beach, noticing the waterfront bars and high-rise condos. Carlos points out that the beachfront area has some of the nicest property in the area and has lots of great bars. As the two ponder motive, Carlos notices a tan line around Josh's wrist and suggests that the motive could have been robbery because it looks like the victim wore a watch but they haven't found it yet. Jim asks Carlos if he's called Callie to have her join in on the investigation. Carlos tells him that he has, but she didn't pick up her phone. Jim looks back at the body and notices something peeking out of one of Josh's pockets — a small, black, silk pouch clearly meant for jewelry. He pulls a large diamond ring out of the pouch. Jim says that they could either rule out robbery as a motive or Josh just got the rejection of a lifetime.

Jim wraps up an interview with the woman who found Josh in the sand. She jogs away and Carlos approaches Jim, who tells him that apparently a lot of people around the neighborhood knew of Josh. He windsurfed, played volleyball, and was in a local sand-sculpting competition. Carlos tells Jim that Josh's job was to worm his way into the community and figure out which kinds of bars they would be interested in. The Harrington Group hired him to re-conceptualize and flip a lot of the local bars into more upscale, theme bars. Jim says that this probably made Josh some enemies. Carlos shows Jim a book of matches from Dwight's Dockside that he found in Josh's pocket. Jim asks a man jogging on the beach where he could find the place and the guy points to a bar just a few yards away.

As Jim and Carlos enter the bar, Jim looks around and takes in the landscape. The bar isn't so much a dive, but the decor has seen better days. There is a nautical theme — fishing nets, boat anchors, a captain's wheel — but everything is faded and looks like it's been in the same place for decades. The bar's owner, Dwight Stewart, approaches the two and welcomes them as first-timers to the bar. After asking for their names, he rings the "bar bell" and does the official Dwight's bar greeting, by announcing to all of the patrons to say hello.

Jim nods to the huge aquarium in the middle of the bar and leans in to get a better look at a weird-looking animal, a Puffer fish. Dwight tells Jim that the aquarium is his pride and joy and that he bought a bunch of the Puffer fish for about $1,000.

Jim holds up a picture of Josh, and Dwight, who was expecting to be questioned, tells Jim that he knew him — he was a frequent patron at the bar. Jim shows Dwight the enormous diamond ring found on Josh and asks him if Josh was flashing it around to any of the other customers, maybe showing it off or trying to sell it. Dwight chuckles and tells Jim that none of his customers could afford a rock like that. When Jim asks Dwight whether he knows of anyone who would want Josh dead, Dwight says that many people were not fond of the fact that Josh remodeled a lot of their favorite bars in the area. Carlos asks Dwight about whether Josh was ever interested in his bar. Dwight says that Josh spoke to his business people about it, but they weren't interested. But Dwight harbored no hard feelings about the fact that they weren't interested, because he's not interested in selling the bar anyway. The hotel next door to the bar had already asked him about selling and he declined. Dwight says that Josh was a player, but the one person he didn't play was Maggie, the head bartender and night manager. He points to a wall of photos. One of the pictures is a Polaroid of an attractive blond woman, a cigarette dangling seductively from her lips. He says Maggie starts her shift at 4 p.m. He also tells them that Josh was there the night before at midnight when he left. Maggie normally closes the place around 2 a.m. Jim says they will need to take all the photos to assist in their investigation and then suggests that maybe Josh stuck around late to pop the question to Maggie. Dwight says that would be unlikely because Maggie isn't really the marrying type. Jim asks Dwight if he knows where Josh stayed and he directs them to the hotel next door.

Jim and Carlos stand in the suite of an upscale hotel next to Dwight's Dockside — Josh's room. The duo look through Josh's drawers and suitcase for evidence. Jim finds a stack of receipts and flips through them, pointing out that Josh really did frequent Dwight's a lot. Jim lands on another Polaroid, this one of Maggie sitting on Josh's lap. They look happy. Jim looks over and notices a cigarette butt in a potted plant on the balcony and tells a tech to bag it. Maggie had a cigarette in her mouth in the photo at the bar, so he knows she's a smoker. Perhaps Josh brought her to his room last night to wine and dine her and then ask her to marry him.

Jim spots an iPad on Josh's desk and clicks on the photo. The first one is an architectural schematic of the inside of Dwight's Dockside, but the place is labeled "Maggie's Place." It looks as though Josh and Maggie were planning a hostile takeover of Dwight's bar. That would be another good reason for Maggie to spend the night in Josh's hotel room. Jim looks down and notices a pair of women's sunglasses on the ledge of the bed. Whoever left them must have left in a hurry — before sunrise, around the time of Josh's death — so that no one would see her.

At the station, Callie Cargill watches Daniel as he works on her laptop, helping her set up Skype. Daniel shows her how to activate the program, but tells her that her husband, Ray, will have to initiate the call since he's in the Witness Protection Program. Callie tries to make it clear that Jeff, not her, will really appreciate the opportunity to talk to his father.

Jim approaches Carlos mid-autopsy who tells him that he can confirm that Josh was shot once at close range with a .38. The saliva from the cigarette didn't match the victim's. Jim says until science tells him otherwise, he suspects Maggie is the owner of the cigarette butt. Jim asks Carlos again if he's heard from Callie, who tells him that he hasn't since he's been at work. He also indicates that he's getting annoyed with Jim for asking him about Callie every 15 minutes.

Daniel walks in and tells Jim that after tracking the calls from Josh's cell, he noticed that Josh had called the same number 12 times in the past two weeks. The number belongs to someone named Roger Brumfield. He says that he keeps trying the number, but Roger isn't answering. Jim tells Daniel to keep trying it and asks about the photos he brought in from Dwight's bar. Daniel tells Jim that he's putting the Polaroids in chronological order (according to the dates on the back) to find out who was at the bar at the same time as Josh. Daniel also tells him that Callie was there but had to leave. She asked Daniel to tell Jim that she was sorry she hadn't returned his calls — she'd been busy. He says he doesn't know what she's been busy with, but he just loaded Skype into her computer so she could talk face-to-face with her husband, and maybe her being busy has something to do with that.

Back at Dwight's Dockside, Jim walks in and gets the expected bell ring and unison "Detective Longworth is in the house!" from the patrons. He jokes that nobody obviously comes to the bar to have an affair. Maggie, who approaches the bar just as Jim walks up to it, says that's what the hotel next door is for. They exchange a quick smile, but she's already expecting a line of questioning about Josh. Before Jim can start asking, Maggie grabs a tray full of drinks and is off serving the customers, telling him she's slammed. Jim follows her around the bar asking her questions. When Jim asks about her relationship with Josh she says he wasn't just another customer, but they weren't particularly close either. Jim doesn't buy it. He asks Maggie why she doesn't seem at all broken up about the fact that Josh, who drank at the bar several nights a week, was just found dead. And also why was she was at his hotel room so late the night before. Maggie says that she was never in his room and that she takes her job very seriously. She doesn't go home with customers.

At a nearby table, a group of young guys shove and yell at each other. Maggie spots the fight brewing, walks up to the table and pushes one of the guys, saying, "Not in my bar!" They put their hands up in surrender. Looking on, Jim is impressed. Maggie walks back to the bar and loads her tray up again with drinks. Jim starts to sit down on a bar stool, when he suddenly springs back up, holding the pair of women's sunglasses that he found in Josh's room and exclaiming how he almost sat on them. Maggie takes the bait saying, "I was wondering where I put those." Jim, catching her in a lie, tells her that the sunglasses were found in Josh's hotel room and that she has now graduated from person of interest to suspect.

Jim moves to escort Maggie out of the bar and bring her in for questioning. She sets the tray of drinks down, immediately causing a stir among the patrons, who know what's going on. Among the jeers and protests, the patrons shower Jim with beer cans and peanuts.

Back at the station, Callie assembles a DNA kit. Jim spots her and tells her that she's missed all the excitement around the murdered guy on the beach. Looking busy she says, "It's Florida, I'm sure there will be more." Jim then asks her about her weekend. An evasive Callie tries her best to work around Jim's questioning. She says she and Jeff had some issues to work out. Looking concerned, Jim asks Callie is she's OK and she says she's "dealing." She finally moves on to take a DNA sample from Maggie.

Callie enters the interrogation room, where Maggie sits. Callie introduces herself and Maggie pulls out the bartender charm, trying to strike up a conversation. Callie, being polite but not giving in, tells Maggie she needs to stop talking so that she can take a swab from her mouth. Maggie tells Callie that she didn't kill Josh. Callie tells her that it's not her department — she's not a cop. Maggie asks Callie is she's going to be arrested, because she can't afford a lawyer. Callie says she doesn't know what the cops plan on doing, but that something tells her Maggie could handle herself just fine.

Outside of the interrogation room at his computer, Daniel tells Jim that Maggie has a registered .38, the same type of gun Josh was killed with. Callie overhears this new tidbit of information and tells them she thinks Maggie is the type of girl who wouldn't be afraid to use it either. She explains that she's known "Maggie-type" girls her whole life — hot, fun, and who love the fact that every guy they serve a drink to falls in love with them. Jim says that doesn't sound so bad, but Callie says it's not — until one of the guys thinks it is real love and the woman needs to use force to protect herself.

Callie hands the DNA swab to Daniel to give to Carlos and is about to head out, but before she does she warns Jim to be careful with Maggie because girls like her have the ability to wrap guys around their finger. Jim corrects Callie and tells her that when he's in the interrogation room he's not a guy, he's a cop. Callie just smirks, assuring him that when it comes to attractive women, every cop is a guy. To prove her point, Callie asks to see Maggie's DMV file, which is up on Daniel's computer. According to the file, Maggie started driving at 16 and she's 28-years-old now, but she's never had a traffic violation or a speeding ticket. Callie thinks this is anecdotal evidence that Maggie has been able to weasel her way out of bad situations before. Jim thinks maybe she's just a really good driver.

Jim sits across from Maggie in the interrogation room and reminds her that she has lied three times already: about the nature of her relationship with Josh, about not seeing him outside of the bar, and about whether she went up to his hotel room. He asks if she plans on lying about owning a gun. He slides a print-out of her gun registration across the table to her. Maggie tells him that it's not illegal to buy a gun and that she bought it for protection when she's closing the bar at night by herself. She keeps it at the bar. Jim asks if Dwight needs protection. She says everyone loves Dwight and that he doesn't have an enemy in the world. Jim says, "Aside from you and Josh," and then slides over another print-out: the "Maggie's Place" schematic from Josh's iPad. Confused, Maggie stares at it and tells Jim that she never saw the mock up before. She says Josh told her he had a great idea for remodeling Dwight's bar but he never showed her his plan. She knew he wanted to call the bar Maggie's Place, but that wasn't her idea. She denies having a relationship with Josh, and says she can't help it if Josh thought they had something more — men fall in love with women who serve them drinks in bikinis. Having casual sex with Josh doesn't make her a murder. Jim pulls out the diamond ring in an evidence bag asking her if she's seen it before. Surprised, Maggie looks at it and tells him no. She says Josh never showed up at his room, he stood her up so she left. Jim suggests that maybe she came up to his room so she could "forget" her sunglasses so it would "look" like Josh stood her up, but the reality is she killed him. Maggie and Jim stare at each other intensely and Maggie neither confirms nor denies the accusation. Carlos enters and tells Jim that there's a situation in the parking lot.

In the parking lot, officers are subduing a tall, blond, athletic-looking man who screams that they can't question Maggie without a lawyer. Jim asks him who he is and he says his name is Kyle Wheeler and that he is Maggie's boyfriend. Noting Kyle's erratic behavior, Jim tries to talk some sense into him. Jim tells him to move his car to the visitor's parking lot and then they can talk about Maggie. Jim opens the driver's side door of Kyle's car and spots a .38 on the floorboard. Jim turns around and cuffs Kyle.

Jim talks to Kyle in the parking lot.

Jim sits across from Kyle, questioning him about the gun. He says that either Kyle himself used it to kill Josh, or that he's hiding it for Maggie. After a little hesitation, Kyle tells Jim that he took the gun from the bar because he was worried that Maggie was thinking about using it. He explains that Josh was filling Maggie's head with delusional thoughts about starting her own place and promising her the moon when all he really wanted was to get her into bed.

Jim flips open the surfing magazine on the table to a picture of Kyle, who is accepting the Eddie Aikau surfing trophy. Standing next to him is a bikini clad Maggie, her adoring eyes on Kyle. Kyle tells Jim that that happened before he tore his ACL and had to quit surfing. Jim points out Kyle's fall from grace — that he was once a hotshot surfer and is now a jealous boyfriend. After Josh came to town, Maggie lost interest in him. Kyle maintains that he and Maggie were fine and were planning on opening a T-shirt shop and renting a little beach house with his surfing money. Jim suggests that all of that changed for Maggie when Josh promised her a brighter future — Kyle lost his girlfriend and his career, which is why Kyle killed Josh.

A simmering Kyle looks at Jim, completely out of answers.

Later that day, Daniel enters the station and hands a folder to Carlos, telling him that Ballistics pulled prints from both Kyle and Maggie off the .38. He says that they'll be able to tell him by the next day whether it's the gun that killed Josh. Jim walks in, asking Daniel if Roger Brumfield ever answered his phone. Daniel says no, and that he's also tried calling all "R. Brumfields" within the county. None of them were Roger. Jim tells Daniel to keep trying and then hands him the diamond ring. Jim explains that after talking to a jeweler friend back in Chicago, he found out that the certification number on the ring should be etched on the band. He tells Daniel to find out who sold the ring to Josh and where he bought it. Daniel follows up with one more interesting bit of information: the address listed on Maggie's gun registration isn't hers, it's Dwight's.

Dwight is sitting on the beach in his canvas chair facing his bar as Jim approaches, his back to the ocean and to the women in bikinis. Jim tells Dwight he came back for the Grouper sandwich. Dwight smiles, knowing that's not the only reason Jim returned. Jim confronts him about Maggie's gun being registered to his address, and Dwight tells him that about five years back he and Maggie had a fling that lasted about eight months. Things didn't work out. It was more than just their age difference — Maggie became obsessed with running his bar. She was very protective of it and wouldn't let someone else run it, even for a couple of hours.

Jim hands Dwight a print-out of the "Maggie's Place" schematic. Dwight looks at it, surprised. Jim tells him that perhaps this was enough for him to kill over. Dwight says he can't believe that Maggie would go behind his back like that to try to take his bar. Their conversation is cut short when Jim's Grouper sandwich order is called from inside the bar.

Jim heads back into Dwight's bar to get his sandwich, when he notices something at the fish tank. He steps up to the aquarium, his eyes moving away from the fish and to the sunken pirate ship and treasure chest at the bottom.

Back at the station, Daniel approaches Jim and tells him that Josh didn't purchase the diamond from a jeweler. A man named Philip Krasnov from Carbondale, New York bought it six years ago. Philip told Daniel that the ring was stolen in a house burglary right after he bought it. Jim, figuring that Josh is a home-wrecker, not a home-invader, guesses that Josh bought a hot diamond and asks Daniel to search for police reports on it. Daniel brings Jim over to his desk where he shows him the Polaroids from the bar wall and his find. After putting the photos in chronological order, Daniel says he noticed a photo of Kyle hanging out with a few hardcore gangbangers, sharing a pitcher. The photo was taken right around the time of Josh's death. Daniel tells Jim that Kyle also recently withdrew $8,000 from his savings account. Could he have hired the gangbangers as hitmen? Jim tells Daniel to have Colleen Manus get him a warrant and back up.

Jim stands outside Kyle's house with FDLE back up and directs the agents to cover the house. Jim leads them to the front door. Jim knocks hard on the door, identifying that they are FDLE and that they have a warrant, but there is no answer. They burst through the door and run inside. Jim and the officers make their way down a dark hall, toward a light coming from behind a closed door. They burst through the door to find an illegal poker game in progress. The two bangers from the Polaroid and several others freak out, overturning tables and sending chips, drinks, and cash flying as agents fill the room screaming at them to "Get down!" Kyle makes a run for it and Jim goes after him.
Beached One

Jim with FDLE agents outside of Kyle's house.

Kyle heads off down the street with Jim in hot pursuit. Kyle runs through traffic and approaches a drawbridge with its gates slowly lowering. The bridge starts to part but Kyle runs past the gate and up the bridge. When he approaches the gap, he jumps over it, narrowly missing falling into the water below. Jim follows him close behind and also jumps across the gap. After Kyle makes it across and runs off the bridge, he stops for a moment to catch his breath. He doesn't realize Jim is just a few short steps behind him. Jim tackles Kyle to the ground just as backup approaches.

Callie enters her house and sees Jeff in the kitchen doing homework, the laptop on the table closed. Callie asks how the chat with his dad went, but Jeff, looking upset, doesn't respond. He starts to cry and tells his mom that he's sorry. He's trying really hard and doesn't mean to make her upset, but he really misses his dad. She hugs him as he cries, her heart breaking to see her son this upset.

Jim sits across from Kyle in the interrogation room. Kyle swears that the $8,000 he withdrew was his buy-in for a high-stakes poker game they were playing. The money wasn't to hire any hitmen to kill Josh. Kyle admits that he was playing the poker game to make extra cash fast so he could buy the bar from Dwight and win Maggie back. He figures if Dwight was going to sell the bar to Josh, he would sell it to him. He says he couldn't compete with Josh and his corporate deep pockets. Jim suggests that maybe that's why Kyle needed Josh out of the picture, because he knew Josh could raise the money to buy the bar himself to impress Maggie. Kyle denies killing Josh but says that he should have because he was taking advantage of Maggie. Maggie told Kyle that she trusted Josh with her life savings, which wasn't a lot, but enough to put a down payment on the bar.

Jim stands over Daniel, who's hunched over his computer. After looking through four years of Josh's bank statements, Daniel notices that the only major deposits were from his checks and year-end bonus commissions. Daniel also says there is still no hit on the mysterious number. Jim reaches for the evidence bag, thinking that whoever is on the other end might pick up if they think it is Josh calling. He dials the Robert Brumfield number and somebody picks up. Pretending he's Josh, he asks who to make the check out to and the person on the other line tells him "Brumfield and Associates, Private Investigation." Knowing he's on to something, Jim continues, telling the person that his briefcase with the last files they sent over was stolen and asks that they fax over the documents to him again. They agree and Jim gives the person on the other line the lab's fax number.

Jim returns to the beach area behind Dwight's bar where he found Dwight sitting last time. There is no sign of Dwight. Jim sits in Dwight's chair and looks over at the bar. Then he notices that right across the street, towering over Dwight's little bar, are high rise condos. He has a thought. He moves back across the sand towards the docks to find Dwight.

Dwight stands on the dock by his boat, "Dwight's Dockside Too," hosing it down. Jim approaches him and asks where he could find Maggie. Dwight points to Maggie laying on her stomach in the sand, topless and tanning. Dwight grins and tells Jim the better the tan, the better the tips.

Jim approaches Maggie, who gets up (as Jim looks away) and fastens her bikini top back on. Jim asks her about the life savings she gave Josh. At first, she plays confused, saying that she doesn't have a life savings. Finally, she admits she gave Josh what little money she had. She said that the company Josh worked for wasn't interested in Dwight's bar because it wasn't inside a hotel, so Josh suggested the two of them buy it with Maggie running it. She tells Jim that she puts her heart and soul into Dwight's bar and all Dwight cares about is ringing the bell and taking pictures, so why shouldn't she reap the benefits? She says Josh had a plan to wear down Dwight into selling it. Jim asks if the plan including hiring a private investigator. Looking confused, Maggie asks why he would do that. Jim says that if Josh was planning on marrying her, he probably wanted to find out if she was still sleeping with Dwight or someone else. Jim says maybe Josh found out something about Maggie that was worth killing for. Maggie laughs at his "ridiculous" assumption, but Jim makes it clear that he'll find out whatever Josh was looking for soon enough.

Jim enters the station and spots Daniel. He asks him if he received the fax yet. Daniel says he hasn't checked and hands Jim the police report from the stolen diamond. Jim scans it as he continues over to the fax machine. He pulls a stack of faxes off the top and goes through them until he finds what he's looking for. Not surprised by the news he just found out, Jim holds the fax he just read up next to the police report Daniel gave him. Something's adding up.

Jim enters Dwight's Dockside only to find no sign of Dwight inside. He looks out the window and sees Dwight, outside on the dock, working on his boat. Then he moves towards the fish tank and notices the underwater scene has changed. The multi-colored rocks that were in a big seashell are no longer there. Dwight's boat engine starts up just as Jim receives a call from Callie. He doesn't answer it. He looks out at Dwight, who is climbing up to the Captain's chair on his boat.

Back at the office, Callie approaches Carlos, worried that Jim isn't picking up his phone. Carlos tells her that he hasn't seen him all day but that he probably just forgot to recharge his phone. Callie starts to leave when she sees something. She picks up a fax — the one Jim pulled from the machine. It is a photocopy of a newspaper article with the headline: "Artful Dodger Strikes In 2 Million Dollar Carbondale Burglary."

Dwight pulls up to the shoreline and stumbles to a secluded beach area. He walks over to a tree and counts a few paces. He drops to his knees and uses his hands to shovel sand to unearth something buried. He uncovers a large zip-lock baggie, with a passport, cash, and a smaller plastic bag filled with gemstones — the ones that were in the fish tank. Thinking he's good to go, Dwight turns to head back to the boat. He stops short when he sees Jim there waiting, gun trained on Dwight.
Jim Beached Two

Jim points his gun at Dwight.

Dwight says there is $3 million worth of diamonds in the bag and that they could both have a lot of fun in Costa Rica with that kind of money. Not taking him up on his offer, Jim tells Dwight that he knows who he really is: Artie Dodger, a notorious jewel thief who robbed homes up and down the Eastern seaboard for a decade, amassing over $6 million worth of diamonds and precious stones. He managed to evade law enforcement for years, until now. Jim says he knows he kept a bunch of the jewels in his fish tank and then buried the rest in case he had to run again. Jim says he also knows why Dwight always sits facing his bar when he's on the beach; he's scoping out the condos behind it, seeing who is coming and going and who is on vacation. Dwight says he's retired from that now and being a jewel thief hardly makes him a murderer.

Jim tells Dwight that it must have hurt when Maggie gave Josh her life savings, a three carrot ring given to her by Dwight years before. But when Josh tried to sell the ring and found out it was reported stolen, he hired a P.I., who found out who Dwight really was. Josh threatened to go to the police if Dwight didn't sell him the bar. The bar was the real gem Josh needed to win Maggie's heart.

Trying to find a way out of the situation, Dwight offers Jim the bag full of diamonds to let him go free, since he's just "a harmless little jewel thief." Jim makes it clear that he knows Dwight is much more than a jewel thief. He's a murderer.

Dwight chuckles slightly and raises his hands in surrender, but then in a flash, grabs a handful of sand and throws it into Jim's eyes. Jim is blinded as Dwight bull rushes him. The two trade punches. Dwight grabs a broken tree limb and cuts it hard across Jim's face, sending him to the ground with a thud.

Meanwhile, Callie enters Dwight's Dockside looking for Jim. She sees Maggie behind the bar and quickly runs up to her, asking if she's seen either Dwight or Jim. Nervous and concerned, Maggie tells her that all of Dwight's belongings, including his boat, are gone but that he left her with an envelope full of money. Callie asks Maggie where Dwight could have gone. She shows Maggie the news article and tells her about Dwight's real identity. She says Dwight is armed and dangerous and that he probably has her friend with him. Maggie swears that she has no idea where Dwight could have gone. Callie then spots a Polaroid behind the register of Dwight and Maggie sipping margaritas on a deserted beach area. She asks Maggie where the photo was taken.
Callie Beached

Callie frantically asks Maggie where Dwight may be so she can find Jim.

Dwight grabs the jewels and stumbles towards the boat when Jim tackles him from behind, pushing them both into the water. The two fight in thigh-deep surf. Trading punches, Dwight catches Jim across the jaw, knocking his head into the water. Dwight holds him down, trying to drown him. Jim struggles to breathe. Finally, after few moments, Jim stops fighting.
Jim Beached One

Jim and Dwight fight in the water.

Dwight releases his grip and starts off for the boat again. Just then Jim leaps from the water — he was playing possum — and unleashes his fury on Dwight. Jim finishes him off with a punch that leaves Dwight unconscious in the water. Jim drags him to the sand and collapses in exhaustion, bleeding from an open gash above his eye. He stares up at the sky, struggling to catch his breath, when he hears the sound of a boat. He looks up to see a Coast Guard patrol boat as it approaches them. Jim falls back onto the sand, exhausted, cut, and bleeding, but alive.

Callie rushes from the bar to see a wet and bloodied Jim being helped to a waiting ambulance. She tells Jim that he scared her to death and Jim thanks her for calling the Coast Guard for back up because they really came in handy. Jim tells the medic he doesn't need to go to the hospital, but Callie stops him, telling him that's he's crazy, he has a huge gash over his eye, and he needs stitches and an MRI .

Jim asks Callie how she knew he was in trouble and she says she tried calling him eight times and left three messages. He asks her what was so important that she needed to call him eight times, especially since it seemed like she had been avoiding him. She assures him that she wasn't trying to avoid him, she was waiting for things to settle down. She explains that she had a talk with Ray and, while it wasn't easy and Jeff is still struggling with things, it's official. Callie has filed for divorce.

Jim's eyes stay glued on Callie through the ambulance window as it pulls away and disappears up the street. Callie stands there, watching him go.