On the exclusive fairway at the Fountain Bay Country Club, a man and woman dig through bushes for their lost golf ball when the bloodied hand of a 20 year-old man reaches out to them. The woman kneels down to try to help the bleeding man, who struggles to form a word, but dies before he can get anything out.

At the supermarket, Callie runs into Jim Longworth reading the label of a can of tomato sauce. As they catch up, Heather Thompson approaches and Callie realizes she has come with Longworth. Heather explains that Jim has helped move some boxes out of her garage so she's making him her grandmother's lasagna. As the tension mounts, Heather heads for the register, leaving Longworth alone with Callie.

Callie tells Longworth she understands he's single and she's married so if he wants to date Heather he can. Longworth says he gets that Callie needs time to work things out for herself, but he'd rather be dating her. Callie says she has to go and pushes her cart away. Longworth joins Heather, who notes how awkward the previous moment was, as Callie pays at the register next to them. Just then, Longworth's phone rings, which he happily answers. It's Carlos Sanchez and Longworth gladly tells him he'll be right over.

Douglas Packard

Douglas Packard

The Fountain Bay Country Club is full of police. First responders tape off the area where the dead body of a bloodied man lies. Sanchez kneels over the body as Longworth rolls up in a golf cart and jumps out holding a golf club. Longworth mentions how beautiful the golf course is and Sanchez tells him the club is only for the rich and famous. Longworth takes a report from the first responder and reads that the deceased's name is Douglas Packer. Sanchez adds that Douglas was found barely alive and he's still trying to determine the time and method of the attack. Longworth ponders this, holding his golf club up to the victim's head and telling Sanchez its likely Douglas was attacked with a club. Sanchez counters that while it does seem likely based on the size and depth of the wound, Douglas was not wearing golf shoes and it doesn't appear he was here to play golf. Longworth jokes that while that may be the case, that didn't stop someone with access to this exclusive golf course from killing him.


Jim at the Fountain Bay Golf Club

Later, as Longworth searches the weeds with his golf club and Sanchez takes photos of the body, Daniel Green approaches the men hesitantly and asks Sanchez if he can talk to him about something personal. Sanchez reminds him that he's in the middle of a murder investigation. Longworth interrupts, telling Sanchez that if the murder weapon's a golf club, he can't find it. Just then, the detective notices a reddish-brown substance on Douglas Packard's palms and fingers. Green tells the men that he has run Douglas Packard's name through the system and it turns out that he got out of prison four days ago after a nine month sentence for administering a controlled substance to a woman that resulted in a near-fatal car accident. Sanchez tells Longworth that it looks like Doug was attacked between midnight and two a.m. Longworth picks up Doug's cell phone from an evidence bag and notes that his last call was at 11.03 p.m. He calls the number back and gets Terry Evans.

As Longworth knocks on the door of a massive home he sees two pairs of golf shoes sitting nearby. Terry Evans, a man in his late twenties, answers the door. Longworth explains who he is and tells Terry he has a nice house. Before he can comment, Scott Winters, an athletic man in his late twenties, approaches and tells Longworth that the house is his, explaining that Terry is his business partner.

Longworth recognizes Scott and tells him he's a big fan of his golf game and he'd kill for his skills on the green. Scott is offended, thinking Longworth is joking about his friend's death. Longworth apologizes, explaining that Doug's last call was to Terry and asks how they know each other. Terry explains they were all friends since high school and Doug was Scott's caddie. Longworth interjects that was only until Doug was convicted for drugging a woman, Kim Nichols, with roofies and ruined her golf career. Scott is quick to say how Doug felt terrible about what happened, but Longworth quickly counters that Doug didn't feel so terrible that he didn't try to blame Terry for it. Terry says this was just Doug trying to plead down and that he didn't drug anyone. Longworth doesn't believe him, postulating that maybe Doug was telling the truth and he came out of jail pissed that he did Terry's time and Terry beat him to death when he attacked him.

Terry tells Longworth that his theory is crazy and that Doug called him drunk the previous night and apologized for trying to blame him for the crime. Longworth comments that in his experience people don't die over apologies. He asks Terri where he lives and he tells him he has a condo two blocks down. Longworth asks whether either of them saw Doug the night before, but neither did, though Scott comments that he invited Doug over but never heard from him after that. Longworth asks Scott where he was the previous night and Scott tells him he was in a live chat room with fans in Dubai, where he playing the coming week to the tune of a million dollars appearance fee from his sponsors. Longworth turns to Terry, asking him the same question. Terry tells him he was at his house watching Hot Tub Time Machine on pay-per-view. Longworth tells them both that from the way he sees it, unless Doug knew someone else who lived on the golf course, he was killed by one of them. Scott deflects, telling Longworth that Doug wasn't perfect, but he was his friend and to let him know if there is anything he can do to help.

At the hospital, Callie gets a call from Raiford Correctional and decides not to answer it. Just then she spots Heather arriving. They greet each other and wait awkwardly for the elevator. Heather decides to grab the bull by the horns and tells Callie that she doesn't want to get in the middle of anything since she and Jim obviously like each other, but it's obviously not happening with them right now. Callie tells Heather things are weird and there's nothing else to say about it. The elevator arrives and Callie tells Heather it's all hers, she'll take the stairs.

Green hands Longworth a file as the detective and Sanchez enter the station, telling him it's the file on Douglas Packard's criminal investigation and his victim, up-and-coming golfer Kim Nichols. Longworth reviews the files as Manus approaches, telling Green to find out if Scott and Terry were telling the truth about their whereabouts. Manus asks the team if they've established a cause of death yet. Before Sanchez can answer, Green replies that the cause of death is massive head trauma. When Manus asks what the murder weapon is Green again says that they believe it's a golf club, but they've yet to find it. Sanchez and Longworth give each other a look. The kid is trying too hard. Manus asks Sanchez for some boxes of evidence and Sanchez asks Green sarcastically if he wants to handle it before telling Manus he'll take care of it.

Longworth notices something in the file, noting that Kim Nichols was so angry at Doug during her testimony that she had to be restrained by court security. Longworth says he's going to talk to Kim and tells Sanchez to let him know when he gets Doug's financials, forgetting for a minute that Green is the one who handles that. He apologizes, sarcastically explaining that he always gets the two confused, and then exits.

Now that they're alone, Green tells Sanchez he's really grateful for the opportunity to work for him, but he has put in a request with the Director for a paid internship. He asks Sanchez if he has any advice about how he can persuade the Director to pay him. Sanchez thinks about it a minute and tells Green if he organizes the witness statement files that Manus has asked for in alphabetical order and logs them it would seal the deal. Green promises he will and Sanchez reminds him not to drop the ball on any of his other responsibilities.

Longworth heads over to the Manatee Rescue to find Kim Nichols, a long-legged attractive woman who is feeding a baby manatee when he arrives. As he jokes about how ugly the manatee is, the loud bang of a gunshot rings out. Longworth turns to find two workers, one with a bang stick, a specialized firearm used in underwater fishing, which has just been discharged in the water. Longworth asks what the hell just happened and Kim explains that an alligator broke through the netting the night before trying to eat a manatee. Longworth questions the fairness of killing a gator to save a manatee and Kim explains the bang stick only carries a single .45 bullet but they use blanks and are only used to scare the gators off, not to kill them.

Kim asks Longworth what she can help him with and Longworth explains that Douglas Packard was killed the previous night on the golf course. Kim is shocked that Doug was out of jail and tells Longworth that while she knew his release date was approaching, she was trying to forget and wasn't notified when he got out. Longworth asks Kim where she was the night before and she tells him she was at a fundraiser till 11 and then went home. Longworth asks whether she knows Scott Winters and Kim explains that she only knows him professionally from the tour. Longworth asks her if this is how she met Doug. Kim says it is and questions why a nice guy like Scott would hang out with two parasites like Doug and Terry. Kim continues that she liked Scott, who took her under his wing and encouraged her in her career.

When Longworth asks about the night she was drugged, Kim explains that while she was drugged at Scott's house, it wasn't his fault and that there was a big party. At the party, Kim says, Doug got wasted and kept calling her Yoko, like she was going to break up their little band. Then she says she had a beer and drove home. As she was driving she began to feel the effects of the drug and ended up in the emergency room, her golf career over. Longworth asks if Kim blamed Doug and she says that he confessed on his own. Longworth reminds her that she had to be restrained in court because of how mad she was and Kim confesses that she was mad because golf was everything to her, but after she got away from the game, she realized how narrow and indulgent her life had become, explaining now her life has purpose. Longworth understands, but comments that if someone took away his ability to play golf, murder would definitely be on the table.

Later, at the Fountain Bay Country Club, Longworth plays a golf game with Scott and Terry. As Longworth ohhs and ahhs over Scott's game, Scott comments that when he said he would do anything to help out with the case, he didn't realize it would involve a round of golf. Longworth jokes that he's just working the case. As Longworth putts, Terry jokes with the detective and Longworth explains his goal is to break 80. Scott gives him some advice about his stance and Longworth comments that he'll never be as good as Kim Nichols and adds that Kim told him about Scott taking her under his wing. Scott tells Longworth Kim had a perfect swing and that if her game had a flaw, it was between her ears. Kim couldn't shake off a bad shot, and would botch the shots because she got so angry. Longworth considers this as his cell phone rings. It's Green. Longworth tells the guys he'll catch up.

Jim Scott-Winters-0

Jim and Scott Winters

Green tells Longworth he has gotten Douglas Packard's financials and the week he was convicted, 200,000 dollars were deposited into his savings from an offshore account. Longworth asks if Green has any idea who would've deposited the money and Green tells him he doesn't without a warrant and asks if he should talk to Manus about getting one. Longworth tells him to hold off, he thinks he has an idea.

Longworth catches up with Scott and Terry and makes a fifty dollar bet that Scott blows the next shot. Scott and Terry both place bets before Longworth reveals he has just found out something very interesting about their pal Doug. Scott tells the detective he can't rattle him. Longworth smiles and tells Scott he just found the two-hundred grand he thinks Scott paid Doug to take the heat for drugging Kim Nichols. With that Scott takes a shot and misses as Longworth grins.

Terry intercepts Longworth as he walks to his car asking what that whole act with Scott was about. Longworth tells Terry Scott missed the putt, not him. Terry counters that that's not a lie detector test, but Longworth argues that when one of the best putters in the world misses a shot it tells him he's onto something. Terry asks why Longworth is so focused on Scott's crime when he should be focused on who killed Doug. Longworth asks why Terry is so focused on what he's focused on and speculates that Doug realized nine months in jail and a felony on his record was worth more than two-hundred grand and Scott killed him when he got out and demanded more. Terry argues that Scott's a millionaire and Doug was one of his best friends who he'd gladly give money to if asked, adding that Scott would never kill Doug. Longworth argues that maybe if Scott didn't kill Doug, Terry did in order to keep his one client out of the spotlight. Terry continues to reiterate that Doug was their friend and if anyone had motive to kill Doug it was Kim, especially between the drive she had for golf and her temper. To confirm he's right, Terry tells Longworth to check out an interview Kim did for Women's Golf Daily.

At the Manatee Rescue, Longworth flips through a copy of Women's Golf Daily with Kim on the cover, a look of determination on her face. Kim reiterates to Longworth that she has moved on, but Longworth tells her that's not the impression he's getting from the article. He adds that she even says in the article that Douglas Packard got off too easy and robbed her of career. Kim explains that the article is six months old, but Longworth continues, noting that Kim is not known for her cool head. Kim agrees that she's a passionate person and golf was everything to her, but adds that sometimes a dream is just a dream and you wake up one day and realize you've taken the wrong path. She adds that she was comforted by the fact that Doug paid the price by going to jail. Longworth comments that four days after he got out of jail, Doug really paid the price when someone took his life.

Kim swears it wasn't her and that she'll never be able to swing a golf club again, the accident made sure of that, and she has moved on. Longworth counters that the real question is how much anger Kim has taken with her. Kim think about this for a moment, asking Longworth if he has ever been so close to something you wanted so bad he could taste it and then realized it was never going to happen. Longworth smiles in agreement and Kim continues that while that feeling sucks, sometimes it's better to let go of something you're never going to have because life doesn't give you any other choice.

At Longworth's house, Heather and the detective sip wine over the half-eaten lasagna and she asks him about his case. He asks if she really wants to know and she tells him she's genuinely interested. Liking that she asked and enjoying her company, Longworth tells her about the dead body on the fourteenth fairway of the Fountain Bay Country Club. She laughs telling him her dad is a member and comments on the difficulty of the course. Amazed, he asks if she plays and she tells him she was on the Girl's State Championship team in high school. Longworth tells her he thinks that's sexy and they share a look before deciding to hit the course.

Heather makes an impressive drive and Longworth marvels. Heather helps Longworth by breaking down his swing and having him try another shoot. It lands perfectly. The two stare at each other with interest.

A dark, diseased human liver sits on a scale in the autopsy room. Sanchez performs an autopsy on Douglas Packard's body as Callie watches. Callie notes that a three-pound liver is not very healthy and Sanchez tells her that she's right. He explains that a lot of profiling actually comes from the autopsy, pointing out that the color and texture of Doug's liver shows that he drank too much and the curves of his spine and compression of his shoulder shows that he did manual labor for a living. He adds that the ninety-degree angle and edge of the head wound allows him to determine conclusively that the murder weapon was a golf club.

Callie Carlos-0

Callie and Carlos in the autopsy room

Callie seems a little distracted and Sanchez asks her if she's okay. Callie laments the differences between the way men and women view situations, noting that for men everything is black and white, whereas women see every shade because they have to consider how everything affects everyone, especially when kids are involved. Sanchez doesn't know what to say. Callie continues that of course she wants to take her life back, but she has been taking care of other people's needs so long that she might not even recognize her life if she saw it. She mentions all the people's feelings she needs to consider including her family and Ray, adding and Longworth and Heather to the end of the list. Sanchez asks who Heather is, but Callie just ignores him and keeps on talking. She says that she wants to be with Jim but she doesn't know how she can divorce Ray while he's in prison and has to consider what it would do to Jeff. Sanchez says that maybe they should take a break and Callie tells him hell yeah she needs a break and storms out.

The next day at the station, a disheveled Green pours over papers as Longworth enters. Green tells Longworth that he has applied for a paid internship and Sanchez is helping him get it by letting him organize files to impress the Director. He adds that he looked into the information Longworth asked for and Scott and Terry's alibis check out. He also ran Doug's credit card bills and found out that the night of the murder there was a single charge at a bar and grill a mile from the Fountain Bay Country Club.

At Canna Lily's Dockside Bar and Grill, Longworth chats up a female bartender who tells him they had to throw Douglas out of a fundraiser at the bar the night before. Longworth asks to see the security video. In it, Douglas is literally being picked up and carried out by a bouncer. The bartender tells Longworth that Douglas got into a fight with the woman who was throwing the fundraiser. She adds that the woman went insane as soon as she saw Douglas. The bartender points out the woman on the tape being held back by the bouncer as she tries to go after Douglas. She is none other than Kim Nichols.

In the station, Longworth asks Kim why she didn't tell him the truth. Kim says she answered both his questions honestly. Longworth tells Kim she better rethink that, since it's clear from the tape that she attacked Doug just two hours before he ended up dead. Kim admits that she did lose it a little, but explains that Doug came to her fundraiser drunk, acting like what he did to her was no big deal and demanding forgiveness. Longworth tells Kim he believes Doug didn't actually drug her and that he only said he did to earn his keep in the entourage. Kim assures Longworth that it couldn't have been Scott who hurt her, but Longworth argues that just like some people confess to get a lighter sentence for crimes, others say they moved on when they really haven't so they can avoid jail altogether. She gets what he's insinuating and reiterates that she didn't kill Doug and literally couldn't, explaining that due to the amount of scar tissue on her labrum and the damage to the nerves in her shoulder, she couldn't even lift a club over her head or swing it hard enough to kill anyone.

Jim Kim-0

Jim interviews suspect Kim

Callie calls the jail as she gets ready for work, asking to visit Ray and is told she can't visit Ray at the moment because he has an I.C. designation, but when she tries to find out what it is, the person on the other line tells her they're not authorized to tell her. The person transfers her back to the main number and she hangs up, frustrated to have wasted so much time already.

At the hospital, Longworth and Sanchez present a warrant to the nurse to get Kim Nichols's medical records. As the hospital administrator heads off for the files, Longworth mentions that he has seen Green organizing boxes for Sanchez and comments that it looks like the boy is earning more than just his own keep, giving Sanchez a look. The administrator returns with the files and the men take them over to an x-ray light board. Sanchez's phone rings and he leaves Longworth to take the call. Longworth stares at the x-ray as Callie arrives behind him.

Callie shakes her head and off-handedly tells Longworth he has the x-ray upside down. Callie flips the image and asks Longworth if he has any idea what he's looking at. Longworth tells her he doesn't, but he does know what he's looking for and asks if someone with the injury in the x-ray could swing a golf club hard enough to crush a person's skull. Callie says it depends on how mad she was, noting that no one with that injury, a cervical vertebrae fracture and all the calcification, could hit eighteen holes, but if she was angry she could definitely crush a man's skull. Longworth thanks her for her help and after a beat the two awkwardly depart, not knowing what else to say to each other, sneaking looks back as they leave.

Longworth joins Sanchez and tells him Kim was lying about not being able to smash someone with a golf club. Sanchez tells Longworth that he has just spoken to the lab and the brownish stuff on Douglas Packard's hands is decomposing matter from cattail.

At the Fountain Bay Country Club, Longworth stands by a large reed of cattail talking about his improved golf swing and stance and the imminent prospect of his goal of breaking 80. Sanchez asks what makes Longworth think they'll find the murder weapon where they're standing since they found the body on the other side of the course. Longworth counters that the only other piece of cattail is right where they are. He points to the cattail, which shows signs of distress and struggle and sets the scene: The killer whacks Doug, who falls unconscious, and throws the murder weapon in the water thinking Doug is dead. Then Doug comes to, struggles to get to his feet, grabbing the cattail for balance and drags himself over to the fourteenth fairway trying to reach the clubhouse. Suddenly, a diver bursts out of the water with a driver that's been twisted out of anger. Sanchez notes that this is not the murder weapon, that their weapon has an edge and a hosel. Just then another diver pops out of the water with two irons. Longworth notes that an iron has an edge and hosel and Sanchez suggests there murder weapon may be the nine-iron.

Later, Sanchez sprays luminol on the club head of the nine-iron, but there's nothing on it. Sanchez comments that the water probably washed it clean. Longworth tells him to try the grooves. Sure enough, this turns blue. It's blood, meaning they've found their murder weapon.

Back at the station, Longworth tells Manus Sanchez called in a favor and confirmed that the blood found in the 9-iron was a match for Doug's DNA. Manus tells him she'd be a lot happier if she knew who owned the club or who used it to kill Douglas Packard. Longworth tells her the problem is all their suspects are golfers, but he's trying to get warrants for Scott, Terry and Kim.

Longworth heads into his office where Green has spread all the papers from Sanchez's boxes all over the floor. Longworth asks him about his process and Green says he has organized everything chronologically and alphabetically and asks if Longworth thinks he should organize everything geographically as well. Longworth tells him he thinks too much and that he should never let his head get in the way of the game, like golf. Longworth asks if Green has gotten a warrant to track Doug's two-hundred thousand dollar wire transfer and Green tells him Manus is still working on it.

In Callie's kitchen, Callie's cell phone charges in the wall. Callie enters and unplugs the charger and sees the message light blinking. She checks the call log and sees that the missed call is from Raiford Correctional. Callie calls Sanchez. She tells Sanchez she has a law enforcement question to ask him, explaining she's been trying to go see her husband, but has been told he's been designated something called I.C. Sanchez explains that I.C. usually means the prisoner has been disciplined and has been moved away from the general population and has had his phone privileges suspended. Callie and Sanchez hang up as Longworth approaches and goes right to the 9-iron, studying the grips. Sanchez tells him that if it's the fingerprints he's wondering about, there weren't any legible ones because a golf grip is wiped clean before and after each shot. Longworth explains it's the grip itself he's wondering about, noting he has never seen this brand before.

Back at the Fountain Bay Country Club, Longworth shows a man behind the counter the 9-iron and asks if he's ever seen them before. The man tells him that the clubs are a new item, Golf Main Line X's that are not for sale and only being used on the test market by golf pros. Longworth asks if Scott Winters would be someone to get one of these grips. The man tells him tour pros never use them and instead pass them off to their friends. Longworth says that that probably means Terry Evans got Scott's grips and the man comments that now that he mentions it, Terry had his clubs regripped last week because he was going to play a round with Scott and one of his sponsors. Longworth asks if the club in his evidence bag could be Terry's club and the man tells him that the club is a Tredway and that's what Terry plays. He offers to print out Terry's work order and Longworth obliges.

On the phone, Green tells Longworth that Manus got the warrant for the wire transfer and it turns out the two-hundred thousand was deposited into Douglas Packard's account. Longworth and Sanchez trade looks about this as they approach Terry Evans's front door. Seeing that the door is slightly ajar, Longworth draws his gun and opens it to find Terry Evans lying dead in the kitchen, a bullet hole through his forehead.

Sanchez bends down to inspect Terry's body as Longworth moves through the condo into the study where he spots a large flat-screen television. He turns it on and scrolls through until he finds Hot Tub Time Machine on his DVR along with the airdate and time in the menu's history. Longworth pulls out his cell phone and makes a call to Green, telling him he needs to look into a few things for him.

Longworth returns to the kitchen and asks if Sanchez has found the gun yet. Sanchez says no and adds he has found no residue on Evans's hands, just a lot of blood, noting he was shot at point blank range. Longworth wants to confirm that Evans was shot with a single 45 at close range. Sanchez says he was and asks what that means. Longworth comments that he thinks his investigation into one murder has caused another and may now cause one more.

Longworth heads to Scott's house and stops when he sees a Prius with a "Save the Manatees" bumper sticker. He looks in the front seat, reaching inside to pop the truck, pushing aside blankets and diving gear to find a box of .45 cartridges which reads " Not Live Ammunition" on the side. His cell rings and Longworth answers it. Daniel Green tells the detective that he has gone over the transcripts of Scott's live chat on the night of the murder and he was right, the quality of the answers to golf questions starts off great, but drops off almost immediately to just basic advice. Longworth asks about the cable company and Green again confirms that Terry Evans only watched eight minutes of Hot Tub Time Machine before he set it to record the rest. Longworth hangs up and pulls out his revolver. As he heads to the house he hears Kim Nichols screaming angrily from inside, telling Scott to admit to what he did as he begs her to listen to him.

Longworth enters to find Kim and Scott standing in front of a wall of awards, Kim's bang stick pointed at a terrified Scott. Scott begs Longworth to help him and Kim says that Scott deserves to die for what he did to her. Longworth tells Kim that maybe he does, but Scott is the killer, not her. Longworth puts his gun away, much to the concern of Scott, who demands to know what he's doing when Kim has a gun. Longworth explains it's a bang stick and doesn't even use live ammunition but Scott didn't know that when he used a .45 to kill Terry, noting that he thought they'd just suspect Kim.

Scott argues that he didn't kill anyone, but Longworth asserts that he did and laments the fact that what really bugs him is that you can't even trust the advice of celebrities on live chats because sometimes it's actually just their business managers pretending to be them. Scott asks Longworth what he's talking about and Longworth tells him he knows Scott left the chat early to go kill Doug, something Terry only learned about after the fact, which is why he only watched eight minutes of Hot Tub Time Machine and then went to Scott's house to cover the chat. Longworth adds that what Terry didn't know is that Scott set him up to look like the killer by using his 9-iron to kill Doug.

Scott maintains his innocence as Kim jumps in, calling him a liar and pointing the bang stick at his chest. Longworth comments that if anyone deserves to hear the truth, it's Kim. Scott looks between Longworth and Kim with the bang stick and finally admits that he was the one who drugged Kim that night, but only because he wanted to get with her. She was too tightly wound and he wanted to loosen her up, but then Doug pissed her off and she left the party early.

Kim screams that Scott tried to rape her, framed his friend and then tried to cover it up. Scott argues that he didn't kill Doug on purpose, rather that Doug showed up at his house after Kim wouldn't forgive him so he took him out to the lake to shag balls to calm him down. Then Doug started threatening him with telling the sponsors Scott was the one who drugged Kim unless he got more money. When Scott went to call security, Doug attacked him and he only hit Doug in self-defense. Longworth counters that this would have to be pre-meditated self-defense since Scott used Terry's 9-iron to kill Doug, the same one that was delivered to the golf pro's house the day of the murder because he and Terry had a round with a sponsor.

Longworth comments that Scott wanted the murder to look like Terry's fault so that he could take the fall for killing Doug, adding to Kim, who is about to pull the boom stick's trigger, that while Scott deserves to die, her life shouldn't have to end like this. He puts out his hand for the bang stick and Kim, angry and disappointed, shoots the bullet into Scott's row of trophies, sending glass and chrome raining down. Enraged, Scott tries to grab her, but Longworth pins him down and cuffs him. Turning to Kim, who is crying softly and staring at the broken trophies, he apologizes for her situation, adding that he knows that she misses the game, but that she really has found something remarkable to do with her life.

Later, at the station, an exhausted Daniel Green approaches Manus with Sanchez's finished files. Manus tells him to take the files and put them on the loading deck because Shred Right is coming today and asks him if there is anything else. Emboldened with anger and exhausted, Green tells her that he believes he has proven himself to be a valuable asset over the last few months and he hopes she'll give his application serious attention. Manus apologizes, telling him there is just not enough money in the budget and says she understands if he has to move on. As Sanchez appears in the door, Green explains he is not going to be moving on and that he loves his job, even with no money. After a beat and a conspiratorial wink between Sanchez and Manus, Manus revealed that she tried to tell Sanchez there wasn't enough money in the budget for Green but he wouldn't take no for an answer and recommended him so strongly that she thought she'd better find the cash or she'd have mutiny on her hands. They congratulate Green and he runs off to call his parents.

Meanwhile, at the Fountain Bay green, Longworth tells Heather Thompson about arresting Scott Winters as he tees up. She tells him now that he has arrested Scott, she can think of about sixty PGA players who will give him free lessons. Longworth laughs as he micromanages his grip based on Heather's previous advice, maintaining that he already has a pretty good swing coach and that breaking 80 is definitely on his radar. As he hems and haws over his stance, she tells him he's overthinking and he swings and hits a beauty down the fairway, smiling over how right she is. Later, they're hitting shots all over the fairway and really getting into it. Soon, both of their balls are ten feet from the cup hole. Heather notes that if Longworth makes this putt, he'll break eighty. Longworth takes a couple of practice strokes and hits the ball dead center into the cup. Thrilled, he swings Heather around, hugging her. She tells him they should celebrate and go away for the weekend, anywhere he wants. Then she kisses him. He doesn't entirely kiss her back.

Longworth tells Heather that he always dreamed of the moment when he broke 80 and always wondered how it would feel, explaining he guesses he thought it would feel different. She realizes he's not talking about golf anymore and pulls away from him, trying to save face. Longworth apologizes, but Heather stops him, telling him she is a big girl and can handle it. She takes his scorecard and signs it, telling him now his score is official. With that, she grabs her clubs and heads back to the clubhouse, leaving Longworth to think over how he feels.

At home, Callie sips a glass of wine and pulls files from a poorly organized storage box. As she drinks, she reads the labels of the documents, looking for taxes, when the doorbell rings and is surprised to find Longworth waiting for her. He tells her he broke eighty for the first time in his life, but it meant nothing because she wasn't there. Then he kisses her, softly at first, then more insistently. He asks where Jeff is and she tells him he's at camp. They stumble into the living room, pulling off each other's clothes. He asks her if she's okay and she says she is. He reiterates that he broke eighty and they laugh and kiss.

The next morning, sun creeps into Callie's room as she sits up, remembering the night before. She heads into the kitchen where a shirtless Longworth fries bacon in a pan. He tells her that he made her breakfast and they kiss, holding each other close.


Jim and Callie kiss

Just then, the phone rings. Callie pulls away from Longworth's embrace to get the phone, explaining that it may be Jeff. Callie answers the phone. It's Ray, who explains he has been in I.C. for the last two days and tells her how much he misses her. Callie asks if he has done something stupid and Ray counters that he did something smart which is why he was moved to protective custody. He adds that he contacted his attorney and made a deal with the D.A. to help her close some old cases in exchange for early release. Then he lets the good news drop -- he's getting out and coming home. Callie stands speechless in the kitchen as Longworth watches her...