Two young teens, Dean and Harley, are canal dragging in the woods — they throw a long rope with a hook on it into the water, hoping to pull out some hidden treasure. Harley scores a bike, but Dean just finds junk: a lawn chair and a hammer. In the hopes of scoring something better, Dean takes the rope from Harley and throws it into the water. The hook snags on something, so Dean starts to pull. After realizing whatever is caught on the hook is too heavy for him to drag in alone, he calls Harley over to help him. The two tug with all of their strength, excited to see what they've caught from the bottom of the lake. After one big pull, the teens fall to the ground. As they stand they realize that the object they pulled out of the water isn't treasure at all — it's a dead body.

Detective Jim Longworth stands in the office hallway staring at the lab schedule board. Colleen Manus walks up to him, telling him that Callie isn't scheduled to come in for another week. Jim quickly corrects her, saying that's not what he was looking for (although, it clearly was). Half jokingly, Manus tells Jim that he should start doing his job and head down to Turkey Creek Canal, where two boys pulled a dead body out of the water. She then tells him that's she won't be going to the crime scene because she's helping escort a prisoner to Hillsborough County Detention Center in Tampa. The prisoner, Greg Wheeler, was previously serving time for grand theft auto, but got a parole violation and now has to serve the remaining 12 months of his sentence in prison. As the two approach Greg, who is standing handcuffed in the hallway, Jim reminds Manus that she's not allowed to escort the prisoner by herself. Overhearing Jim, FDLE agent Dan Ranson approaches Jim and Manus and tells them that she won't be going alone — he's going with her. Jim immediately recognizes Ranson as a former linebacker from Florida State with the second most career tackles. Ranson and Manus smile. Greg tells the group that he's not feeling well. Jim looks at him and says he would be feeling sick too if he had to go back to prison.

Jim arrives at Turkey Creek Canal where he's met by Daniel Green, who informs him that canal dragging is a popular pastime for teens in the area — it's how he got his first bike. Carlos Sanchez, Jim, and Daniel walk up to the dead body where Carlos identifies the man as William Sullivan by the tag on his uniform. Carlos tells Jim that according to the patch on his shirt sleeve, Sullivan was a security guard, though it doesn't say where he worked. Daniel is looking into that.
Breakout One

Jim and Daniel at the crime scene.

Carlos tells Jim that the victim was hit directly in the front right temple and the incision indicates that the murder weapon was some type of sharp tool about an inch in diameter. Jim points out that the murderer was probably left handed and walks up to an old lawn chair where a rusty pickaxe sits — the items the boys found. He picks up the pickaxe and Carlos says that's exactly what the murder weapon must have looked like. Jim hands the tool to Daniel, saying at least they don't need to get divers to dredge the canal.
Breakout Two

The current victim.

At the hospital, Callie Cargill walks up to an older patient, Phil Kendrick. She takes his vitals and he tells her that he feels terrible. Looking over his chart, she tells him that his blood pressure and temperature are high. He says he's been feeling sick since the previous night, but he did two tours in Korea so he can handle it. Callie tells Kendrick, who's clearly stubborn about his health, that he should have come in earlier and that she'll get a doctor to check him out. As she walks away, she bumps into Ben, who asks her why she hasn't called to confirm the Head of Nursing interview in Atlanta. Callie tells him that she's been busy, and although he understands everything she's been juggling, he stresses that the job would be a total game changer for her and it's hers if she wants it. He pulls a plane ticket out of his jacket and tells her that if she's considering the job at all, she absolutely has to go for an interview tomorrow at 8 a.m. Her plane leaves that night. Callie takes the ticket and tells him that she'll be there.

Jim tells Manus, who's in a car on the way to Tampa, that he learned Sullivan was killed at the scene and it wasn't a robbery because his wallet was still there with money and his credit cards inside. Jim tells her that in the wallet he found a receipt from Seagulls Deli from the previous night at 9:17 p.m. Daniel will find out more information about this. Manus says that the victim "may have been a rent-a-cop, but he was still one of our own" so to keep her posted. Manus gets off the phone with Jim and tells Ranson that although Jim can be a pain at times, he's a good cop and gets the job done. Ranson nervously looks at his watch, telling her that he hopes he can make it back in time for his son's game. Meanwhile, in the back of the car, the prisoner howls in pain, but Manus and Ranson ignore him, assuming he's faking it to get out of going back to jail. Manus bets Ranson $10 that they'll make it back in time. In the back, Greg's cries grow louder. Manus looks back and shuts the window that separates the front and back of the vehicle. She looks back at Ranson saying it's going to be a long day.

At the lab, Carlos and Jim look over evidence. Carlos tells Jim that the victim fought back and he found skin underneath his fingernails, so all they need to do is find a DNA match. Jim holds up an empty lanyard, speculating that it could have held a badge or an ID. Daniel walks in and tells them that Sullivan worked at a hospital and that all security guards have to register their fingerprints with the police database. Jim asks which hospital, and Daniel tells him Palm Glade Regional. Before he can ask any other questions, Jim is out the door. Carlos looks at Daniel and tells him that's where Callie works, so they know Jim is on his way there now.

Jim spots Callie at the hospital, which is as busy as ever. He tells Callie they should grab a few cold ones after work at a new piano bar he found. Callie snickers at the fact that Jim would want to go to a piano bar, and tells him she doesn't know when — or if — she's ever going to get out of work. Jim says he's noticed that she's been taking fewer cases with the FDLE and asks her why the hospital is so understaffed. Callie shrugs it off. Sensing something is up, Jim asks her what's wrong but she just tells him that he's right, they're understaffed. Jim pulls out a copy of Sullivan's picture ID and asks if she recognizes him. She does, and Jim breaks that news that he was found dead earlier that morning. Shocked, Callie tells Jim that while he wasn't exactly employee of the month, he didn't have any enemies that she knew of. Jim holds up the empty lanyard and Callie tells him that it normally holds the hospital access card, which allows employees to access different parts of the hospital. She suggests that a junkie could have been involved in Sullivan's death in order to break into the hospital for drugs because addicts have tried to steal access cards before.

Manus spots Jim and walks over to him, surprised to see him. She tells him that Greg wasn't bluffing about not feeling well and started having a seizure in the back of the squad car right as they were driving by the hospital, so they brought him in. Callie says the hospital doesn't have a prison ward, but Manus says that if a prisoner has a medical emergency in transit, she's obligated to bring him to the closest hospital for treatment. Jim's wheels begin to turn and he asks Manus where Greg is. She tells him he's having a CAT scan. Jim asks Callie whether patients are allowed to have anything metallic on them while going through the scan and she says no and that Greg would have had his handcuffs removed. Jim theorizes that Sullivan could have been killed solely for his security card — not for someone to break into the hospital, but to escape from it.
Breakout Three

Jim, Callie, and Colleen talk at the hospital.

Jim runs to the room while Manus follows close behind, telling him that the prisoner isn't going anywhere because agent Ranson is with him. Jim and Manus walk into the CAT scan room where they see Ranson on the ground, holding his head in pain. He tells them that Greg is gone. When Manus asks why he didn't call her, he said "they" stole his cell phone. He was jumped from behind by a man, who then fled with Greg. They also stole his weapon. He says he's going to get it back. Manus says she's going to put a BOLO outside the hospital. Jim runs down the hall saying he's going to start searching inside.

Jim runs back into the main lobby where he's met by Callie and Ben. He tells them not to panic, but that the prisoner they were transporting has escaped. When Callie asks whether they should evacuate, he tells her not yet and to just make sure everyone in the hospital is okay. Jim walks into the security booth and tells the guard on duty that the hospital is in the middle of a jail break and that he needs access to all of the hospital's security cameras. The guard flips them on, but Greg and his accomplice are nowhere to be found. Jim asks the guard if there are any areas of the hospital without security cameras and the guard tells him there are no cameras by the loading dock, but those doors are locked 24/7. Jim tells the guard that the prisoners have access to all parts of the hospital since they have Sullivan's access card. The guard says not to worry because he deactivated the card immediately after hearing about Sullivan's death. Jim tells the guard to reactivate the card because he'd rather deal with a manhunt than for the hospital to be on lockdown. The guard tells him he'll do it, but it will take a couple of minutes to reactivate.

Jim runs out of the security center and toward the shipping and loading station where he spots Greg and his friend attempting to escape with Sullivan's deactivated card. Jim steps back, but the cons turn around and spot him. Jim puts his hands up and tells Greg to try accessing the door again. He wants them out of the hospital. Hesitant at first — his partner says it's a trick — Greg tries again and the doors swing open, but they're met on the other side by guards. Thinking it's a setup, the two bolt from the door and Jim is now on a high-speed chase through the hospital wing. Seeing that Jim is right on his tail, Greg grabs a woman and takes her hostage, holding the gun to her head and threatening to shoot her if Jim comes any closer. With his gun drawn, Jim tells the two that they don't have to do this. But the two run into the ER with the hostage and tell Jim that she's dead if he tries to come any closer. Greg's accomplice closes the door and points his gun at Jim.

The hospital is now in disarray, with police officers, ambulances, and news trucks lined up outside. Manus walks with a SWAT officer, telling him that they don't want the assailants to leave the first floor because they still have patients and staff on floors 2-9. She wants the people on those floors out of the building and then the floors locked down.

Manus walks up to Jim, who's looking over the hospital blueprints with Ben. Jim tells him that they're going to station police officers in the cafeteria, employee lounge, and down in the nurse's locker room. Ben looks at Jim strangely, clearly wondering how he knows the layout so well, and Jim tells him that he spends a lot of time at the hospital. Jim and Manus then walk up to Ranson, who's looking at the live feed from the security camera inside the ER. On the camera, they see a group of petrified hostages standing in a corner, while Vince, Greg's accomplice, stands nearby with his gun. Jim tells Manus and Ranson that Greg is the one calling the shots. Greg takes out a pack of cigarettes and reaches into the purse of one of the hostages, removing a lighter, which he uses to light a cigarette.

Daniel arrives at the scene with Greg and Vince's files. He tells the group that Greg has a brother, but before he can say who, Jim pipes in that it's Vince, the other hostage taker, who is "a talker with trust issues." Daniel says they were both taken from their mother at a very young age when she was sent to prison for manslaughter. Jim looks at Manus, expecting her to be the negotiator in the situation. She tells him that she can't do it because she's in charge and knows that she can't actually deliver on any of the promises made during negotiations. She tells Jim he has to do it. He walks towards the hospital and receives a call from Carlos, who tells him that the murder weapon found at the scene matched the incision in Sullivan's head. Jim tells Carlos that it's a nice confirmation but he's kind of in the middle of something. Carlos continues, trying to tell Jim who the fingerprints on the pickaxe belong to, but he is interrupted by Jim, who says they belong to Greg's brother, Vince. Looking over Vince's file, Carlos tells Jim that Vince is an on-and-off construction worker with a bad attitude and a record of assault. Carlos adds Jim that Sullivan has had brushes with violence before and that he found scarring from a bullet wound in his shoulder — but an entrance wound only, so the slug is still in there. He tells Jim that he'll dig out the shell in the hopes of finding more information. Jim tells Carlos to give Daniel a call to see if there are any connections between Sullivan and the Wheeler brothers. When Carlos complains that Daniel is already on the scene, hinting that Jim should ask him himself, Jim says he's in the middle of something.

Jim walks into the hospital and up to the ER window where Greg spots him. Charging at the door, while pointing his gun at Jim, Greg asks him what he wants. Jim says he wants to apologize because he had no clue the guards were going to rush the door. He tells him that he'd like to do some negotiating, and wants Ranson's gun back and some of the hostages freed. Jim asks him what he wants. Greg tells Jim he doesn't want anything, but Jim presses him and says that if Greg tells him what he wants, everybody can win. Greg thinks for a moment and tells Jim that he wants a helicopter and $100,000 cash. Jim continues and asks Greg if he wants food, telling him there's an Italian place around the corner with great calzones. Sensing Jim's slight sarcasm and general lack of sincerity, Greg points his gun at him and tells him to stop joking around. Jim agrees to a helicopter and $50,000 because that will be a lot easier to get than $100,000. He asks about the calzones again and, increasingly annoyed, Greg points his gun at the hostages and tells Jim to stop joking around or he's going to start shooting people. Jim tells Greg that in order to get him the money and helicopter, he needs some hostages in return. Greg tells him he's not releasing anybody and Jim tells him that he's been very lucky so far and hasn't killed anybody, unlike his brother. He says that he understands that Greg and Vincent are all each other have, but that Greg could walk out of there right now and stop his brother from hurting anyone else. Jim tells Greg that if anybody else gets hurt or dies, it's going to be over for them really fast. Greg waits a moment and looks around. He agrees to give Jim five people, but he wants the money and the chopper. Jim agrees to the conditions as Greg shuts the door and heads back towards the hostages.

Five hostages are set free and run out of the building with Jim following close behind. Callie sees the hostages and realizes that Hendrick is still inside. Jim says he was one of the hostages who agreed to stay. But Callie says that he's 75 and the stress could induce a heart attack. Jim tells Callie to keep an eye on the monitor and to look for any outward signs of cardiac distress.

Breakout Four

Jim and Colleen watch the ER room from outside the hospital.

While giving some directions to one of the police officers on the scene, Jim overhears a phone conversation Ben is having about how the event will now delay the hospital closing. Jim finally realizes why Callie has been acting so weird.

Jim and Manus watch the monitors, where they now see the hostages out of their street clothes and wearing scrubs. Jim looks at Greg and spots the tattoo "Junior" on his chest. He calls Daniel and asks him to find out who "Junior" is. Ranson walks up to Manus and she asks him how he's feeling and tells him he could still make the game if he left. Slightly confused, Ranson asks what game she's referring to and Manus tells him he can make it to his son's football game.

Remembering the game, he tells her that he'd rather wait it out so that he can get his gun back and make sure the hostages are okay. Not looking well, Ranson continues to talk but only gibberish comes out. Slurring his words and not making sense, he takes a seat. Jim calls for Callie who runs up to them to examine Ranson. She asks if he hit his head and Jim tells her that he was pistol whipped by Vince. Callie tells them that this is not a good sign and yells for someone to get Dr. Avery.
Breakout Five

Jim, Callie, and Colleen stabilize Dan Ranson after he collapses outside of the hospital.

Back inside the ER, the hostages stand in the corner in fear. Greg sits in front of them and Vince paces back and forth. Mr. Hendrick sits down, holding his chest.

Outside, Ben follows Ranson, who is now on a stretcher next to an ambulance, and checks his vital signs. He looks at Callie, telling her that Ranson's pupils are blown. Callie responds that his pulse is weak. As the two start to load Ranson into the ambulance, Manus runs towards them and says that they can send him to St. Lutheran Memorial Hospital with an FDLE escort. Suddenly, Ranson has a seizure. Callie says he's not going to make it across the parking lot, let alone across town. Callie and Ben start to roll Ranson towards the hospital but Jim asks where they think they're going. Callie says they need to operate on him now and Ben adds that, if they don't relieve the pressure on his brain by draining the blood, he'll be dead in less than nine minutes.

Jim escorts them to the hospital door. Ben says this won't be the first time he's been shot at — he's worked for Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross. Looking concerned, Jim says that Callie is not going inside. Ben argues that he needs assistance and when Jim says to pick someone else, Ben says it's Callie's call. Callie says she has to help. She says they'll be two floors above the crisis and they'll be fine. She just needs Jim to help them get Ranson to the elevator.

Realizing things could get messy with Greg and Vince, Jim tells Manus that they'll need officer backup in the hospital corridors. He tells Callie to cover up Ranson's face so that Greg and Vince don't see that an officer is injured and start freaking out. He then calls Greg and says that he wants to give them one of their hostages back. Jim explains that the hospital has a patient that they need to operate on right away or he's going to die. Still on the phone, Jim walks inside the hospital and approaches the ER door, telling Greg that they just need to get a patient 20 feet to the elevator. Vince tells Greg it's a trick and that if they let them in, cops are going to bull rush the door. Jim says that if they bull rush the door, Greg and Vince will start shooting and then the cops will start shooting and then people will die.

Greg finally agrees, but tells Jim he has to wait outside. Ben and Callie wheel Ranson to the elevator. But while waiting for the door to close, Callie spots Mr. Hendrick inside the emergency room, clutching his chest and bending over. Ben tells Callie to go ahead and help him and he'll prep Ranson for surgery. She runs towards the ER doors and opens them. Outside, Jim sees this unfolding on the monitor.

Greg inside the hospital.

Callie tells a frantic Greg that if she doesn't help Mr. Hendrick soon he's going to die of a heart attack. Vince yells at Greg, telling him that things are getting out of control. Callie says all she needs to do is get to a cabinet a few feet away to get him some beta blockers. Greg lets Callie in to quickly take care of Mr. Hendrick just as Jim runs up to the door. Angry, both Vince and Greg draw their guns on him. Jim says that he knows the plan changed, but all Callie needs to do is help Mr. Hendrick and go back to helping Ranson. He reminds Greg that if anyone dies, it will be on him, so it's better that the sick people get taken care of. Vince screams at Greg that Jim is getting whatever he wants and the situation is getting out of control. Greg screams at Vince to shut up. After warning her "no tricks," Greg allows Callie to help Mr. Henrick, but warns Jim to wait outside.

Jim rushes outside towards Manus who's still standing by the monitors, asking her where the chopper and $50,000 is. Manus says they are still working on getting the money and the chopper is about an hour away. Carlos calls Jim and alerts him that Sullivan got his bullet wound when he was an armored truck driver years prior and cons shot him, killed his partner, and ran away with millions of dollars. Carlos, who's watching the news from the lab, tells Jim to turn it on. A reporter is announcing Ranson's death. Completely surprised and sad, Manus figures that a hospital employee must have heard Ben calling the time of death and tweeted it to the press. Now she hopes Vince and Greg don't have access to a TV — the last thing she wants is for the two to find out they're now on the hook for a cop's death.

Back in the ER, Callie realizes that the medication she gave Mr. Hendrick isn't working and his health is declining. Vince yells at her, saying that she better save him. Callie looks at both Vince and Greg telling them that she'd love to, but she'd have to get him out of there to do so.

Outside, Manus and Jim continue to look over the live camera feed and see Callie getting Mr. Hendrick out of bed. Jim rushes inside to find Callie arguing with the cons, telling them that Mr. Hendrick needs an emergency angioplasty and a stent and she can't do that for him there. She reminds the two that they don't want him dying, especially given that there's someone else clinging to life in the OR.

Jim approaches the ER doors as Greg asks where his helicopter is. Jim assures him that it's on the way. Greg asks what's wrong with the old man, and Jim says "Oh, what? Apart from being taken hostage?" This infuriates Vince and he points his gun at Jim.

Jim tells Greg that he just wants to make sure everyone gets out of there alive, and that includes him and Vince. All they have to do is release Callie and Mr. Hendrick. Jim even steps back far from the door. Greg waits a moment and then allows them to leave, but they're abruptly stopped when Vince draws his gun on Callie screaming at her to wait. He hands his phone to Greg who sees that the patient in surgery was actually Ranson, and he's now dead. Greg tells Jim the deal is off and they bring Callie back into the room, saying that they're now going to hold onto her.

Callie sits on the floor with the rest of the hostages as Greg and Vince pace the room. Vince walks up to Callie, asking her what the deal is with her and her "cop friend." She says he's not her friend and that cops come in and out of the building all of the time. He then holds up a piece of paper and asks who Jeff is. She doesn't answer. She sees the paper — it's a personal note she wrote to herself that day, a reminder to pick up Jeff from soccer and the flight time and number to Atlanta. Vince then asks what kind of personal business she has in Atlanta. She says "At the moment, none" and snatches the paper. Vince creepily smiles.

Jim, outside with Manus, keeps a close eye on Callie on the monitor. Manus tells Jim that the money is coming and the helicopter is 20 minutes away. She assures Jim that he had no choice, he had to lie to the cons. But he blames himself for Callie getting taken hostage. Manus says they'll get her back. She then wonders aloud why Greg, who only had a year left on his sentence in minimal security, would risk his freedom for this escape. Now with Ranson's murder, Greg and his brother are both looking at death row. Jim says they're obviously running to something — something on the outside is worth them taking all of these risks — and that they should do everything in their power to help them escape because the only way for them to actually catch them is to give them exactly what they want.

Daniel calls Jim and tells him that "Junior" was Greg's uncle that finally took the boys in after they were in and out of juvenile hall as kids. He owns a small cattle ranch nearby. Unfortunately, he died four months prior. Jim asks Daniel if there are any new leads on Sullivan and Daniel tells him that he talked to the manager at the deli listed on the receipt and he remembered Sullivan because he came in there often. Sullivan came in around 9:15 p.m by himself and ordered some takeout — a Philly cheesesteak, beet salad, and two bottles of wine. Jim is surprised to hear about the two bottles of wine and Daniel figures that he was either getting drunk or meeting someone. Jim tells Daniel to keep looking into Junior because maybe his death and Greg's escape have something to do with each other.

Back in the ER, Callie sits next to Jolene, a woman who was admitted earlier that day. Callie notices the bruises on her check and face but Jolene says she tripped over her dog and it's not what Callie thinks. Callie tells her that abuse is inexcusable. Jolene looks away towards the cons and back at Callie, telling her that all men are alike anyway. Callie says no they’re not and that maybe this situation is a second chance for her and an opportunity to realize what she deserves and what's important in life. Callie looks away, taking in her own advice.

Carlos arrives at the scene and tells Jim that Jeff is safe at his house with his wife and kids. Carlos hands Jim the file from the armored truck robbery and tells him that the case has been cold for five years, but the suspects seemed to know the route since they pulled over the truck on a freeway detour with no video. Sullivan's partner was killed just for the key to the cargo hold, where all the money was kept and Sullivan was the only witness. Jim looks over the file and sees that Vince and Greg were the primary suspects, but in a lineup, Sullivan was unable to ID them so they walked. Carlos tells Jim that he compared the bullet in Sullivan's shoulder to the one in the heist and realized that they were both fired from the same gun, which belonged to Sullivan's partner. Jim realizes that Sullivan was most likely in on the heist, though they can't prove that without the money. Jim says that with all the suspicion hanging over him, he probably couldn't get a decent job, which is why he took the security guard position. And that's also why Greg and Vince decided on using Palm Glade for Greg's escape — they already had an inside man. Once they escaped from the hospital, they probably wanted to go find the hidden money from the heist.

Jim and Carlos hear the helicopter above them and watch it land on top of the hospital. Manus walks up to them, hands Jim a black duffle bag filled with $50,000, and tells him to go get Callie.

Jim walks into the hospital where Greg and Vince stand with Jolene and Callie, guns pointed at their heads. Greg allows Jolene to step forward and grab the money from Jim. She attempts to take the bag, but Jim won't loosen his grip. He tells the two he wants Callie back, but Vince says no, because keeping her keeps Jim in line. He looks at them both and tells them "If you harm one hair on her head, I'll hunt you down and kill you like a dog." Realizing there's nothing else he can do, he hands over the bag.
Breakout 6

Callie as Vince holds a gun to her head.

The cons and Callie head into the helicopter as Jim watches it take off. Manus tells Jim that the bag has a tracking device in the handle and a tracer helicopter is monitoring them a half a mile away. Manus mentions that she's surprised they didn't put the money in something else. Jim thinks about that for a moment and agrees that it was surprising they didn't switch bags. Ben runs up to Jim and Manus, asking them how they could let Callie go with the cons. Looking defensive and angry, Jim tells Ben that it didn't help that they lost one of their own, but Ben says there was nothing he could do; Ranson died in the elevator. Jim walks away from Ben, while saying, "We're going to get Callie back."

Monitoring the tracking devices, Manus figures that given their speed and full range, they're going to the best hiding place in Florida, the swamps. She gets on the phone with backup, giving them the exact GPS coordinates. Manus looks to Jim, reminding him that they're close to getting Callie back. Jim says he thinks they already have.

In a marshy area, the helicopter lands and the cons and Callie run out and they're immediately rushed by the SWAT team. Callie screams, telling them not to shoot. The two men aren't the cons. The officers pull back to reveal that the two men aren't Vince and Greg, but two of the hostages dressed in their clothing.

Manus gets off the phone with the SWAT team, who tells her that the gunmen weren't on the helicopter. She approaches Jim, asking if he knew about this, and he tells her he had a hunch. Jim admits that he deliberately let Vince and Greg take Callie once he realized their plan was to use her as a decoy. He tells Manus he wanted a manhunt and now that's what he has. Jim gets in his car, telling Manus he now just has to find the money — a half of a million dollars — before they do.

Manus stands with Callie near the helicopter, trying to calm her down. Callie tells Manus that, at the last minute, the cons switched their clothes with other hostages and swapped her with Jolene and took off. Manus assures her that they're going to find them and get Jolene back safety. Callie starts to cry and tells Manus that she spends most of her life in Palm Glade Regional and the possibility that she could have died there is surreal. Manus asks if she could do anything for her. After a moment Callie asks for a ride back to the hospital, telling Manus that she has some things she needs to get together because she has a big day tomorrow.

Jim gets out of his car in the middle of an open field and talks to Carlos and Daniel, who are on speakerphone back at the office. Daniel tells Jim that the property, which belonged to Junior, was sold to a developer who is breaking ground that coming Tuesday. Jim realizes that the money from the heist is on the property and Greg, not trusting his hot-headed brother Vince with it, moved it from the original spot and hid it someplace else. That's why Vince had to break Greg out in order to find the money before they lost it to a backhoe. Jim asks Carlos if he confirmed the DNA from the skin found under Sullivan's fingernails. Carlos tells Jim that he was right about the murderer. Carlos says he'll call Manus and have her send SWAT. He tells Jim to sit tight until they arrive, but Jim goes searching for the cons anyway.

Viciously digging through the dirt underneath a tree, Greg finally pulls up a backpack filled with money. Jim spots Greg with Ranson's gun tucked into the back of his jeans and easily snatches the gun away with his own gun drawn. Just then Vince comes out of the bushes, holding a gun to Jolene's head. But Jim has finally caught onto their game. He dares Vince to shoot Jolene. He says he knows Jolene is in on the whole thing. She's not a hostage, she Greg's girlfriend. Jim remembered that Greg reached into Jolene's purse earlier, knowing she had a lighter. Sullivan was hit on the right side of the head, so he must have been struck by someone who was left-handed. Jim noticed Jolene was a lefty when he handed her the bag of money. So Jim theorizes that Jolene was the one who met with Sullivan for dinner down by the canal and who killed him, using Vince's pickaxe for access to his keycard. The added bonus was that now the group has one less person to share the money with. Greg couldn't have done it because he was in jail, and Sullivan would never have met with hothead Vince. The DNA under Sullivan's nails shows that Sullivan was killed by a female and Jim knows that Jolene's DNA will be a perfect match.
Jim Breakout

Jim tells Greg and Vince that he knows the killer is Jolene.

Jolene snatches the gun out of Vince's hands and walks toward Jim, pointing it at his face, telling him to drop his gun. He tells her that he has an entire SWAT team surrounding them and snipers in the woods ready to take all of them out. Jolene panics for a second, and then they all start to hear police sirens coming from a distance. This gives Jim an opportunity to grab the gun away from her. Out of luck and with no weapons, the cons just stand there. Jim walks up to Greg and punches him in the face, telling him that's what he gets for scaring his girl.

Jim arrives at the hospital, which is now fully functioning and busy as usual. After leaving a voicemail for Callie, he spots Ben and walks up to him, asking if he's seen her. Ben tells him that she's probably left already. He senses Jim's confusion and figures Callie hasn't told him about her job offer yet. Jim asks Ben about the phone conversation he had earlier and asks whether the hospital is downsizing. He tells Jim that due to the economy it's no surprise they have to downsize. When Jim questions whether Callie will still have a job, Ben tells her that Callie was offered a better, higher-paying job in Atlanta. Ben walks off, leaving Jim standing there in disbelief.

Callie walks through the airport, a look of uncertainty on her face.

Jim Callie Breakout

Jim kisses Callie after she tells him she is staying in Palm Glade.

Jim arrives home and looks at his cell phone, revealing he has no missed calls.

Jim cracks open a beer and tries to call Callie again. About to board the plane, Callie looks at her phone and sees Jim calling, but ignores it. Looking depressed and heartbroken, Jim takes a seat on his couch and flips on the television. Suddenly his doorbell rings and, thinking it's Callie, he jumps up to answer it. But it's just a woman asking him to fill out a survey. As the woman leaves, a yellow cab pulls up with Callie in the back seat. Surprised, Jim stands at his front door and watches her get out and walk towards him. He tells her that he heard about the job and that she must have missed her flight. Callie tells him that she didn't miss her flight, she just didn't get on it. She didn't want to go to the interview and have to explain why she would turn down such an amazing job offer. Her life is in Palm Glade. Jim is in Palm Glade. She says she doesn't know if it was because she had a gun pointed at her head that day, but she finally realized she didn't want to walk away from something before she had a chance to get it right. After she says she's staying, Jim leans in and kisses her. Holding hands and smiling, the two head into his house together.

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