Sara Weston, a psychic in her mid-30s, sits at a table giving a reading to Britney Newhall, a professional-looking woman in her early 40s. Sara, holding Britney's hands, predicts that a man will be entering her life. Sara calls Britney a "curious soul" and tells her that she sees Chicago, but is unsure why. "Chicago" doesn't mean anything to Britney. Sara tells Britney that Cassadaga plays a big part of her life and she sees she has been there many times. During the reading, Sara flinches multiple times, almost as if in pain, but continues. Suddenly, she stops and the blood drains from her face. Sara abruptly tells Britney the reading is over.

Sara, extremely frightened, bursts out of her front door and races across the street. She jumps onto a neighbor's front porch and bangs on the front door, shouting for a man named Patrick. She waits for an answer and doesn't receive one, so she opens the front door and steps inside. She moves into the kitchen and stops in the middle, sensing something. She then spins quickly around to see Patrick Zelman lying dead on the ground with a knife in his neck.

At the hospital, Callie works at her desk. A small rectangular box is set in front of her and she looks up to see Jim Longworth standing there. He tells her it's a Universal Wi-Fi adapter that Jeff wanted him to get so they can play together online. Callie sarcastically replies that this will give him another reason to put off his homework. Longworth tells her that homework comes first and to think of it as a motivational tool.

Jim Callie Hospital

Jim and Callie at the hospital.

Saleswoman Heather Thompson approaches, pulling her roller bag. She asks Callie if Dr. MacCord is in and Callie replies that he's out this week. Callie notices Heather eyeing Longworth and introduces them. Longworth's cell phone rings and he excuses himself. Heather leaves Callie some samples to give to Dr. MacCord. Longworth returns and tells them he has to go and...he struggles to find the right words..."uh I have a thing I need to look into."</p>

After Longworth leaves, Heather asks Callie about him. Callie says he's just a friend. Heather looks at Callie questionably, wondering what kind of friend they're actually talking about. Callie reassures her but Heather continues to prod, noting that what she saw on both Longworth and Callie's faces was more than just friendship. Still she accepts Callie's answer, remarking "if you say so," and walks away leaving Callie to ponder this.

Longworth and Sanchez drive into a small town that looks much like it did in the 1920s. They pass a sign that reads, "Welcome to Cassadaga." Sanchez explains that the town was founded by psychics and mediums over a hundred years ago and that the place gives him the creeps. He adds that the department has used a medium from Cassadaga a couple of times and says that a woman named Renee LeFleur helped them find the body of a sixteen-year-old girl. He tells Longworth about the case, adding that LeFleur told him that an estranged relative of his was going to get very sick and that he should make peace with him and then six weeks later his uncle was diagnosed with cancer. Longworth asks if he ever made peace. Sanchez tells him his uncle was a "mean son-of-a-bitch." Longworth questions why anyone would want to know their future, because he certainly doesn't.

Longworth pulls up and parks behind a squad car outside Patrick Zelman's house. While one police officer stands guard, several bystanders have gathered outside. Another officer takes a statement from Sara Weston, the psychic who found the body.

Longworth notices a mailbox sign that reads: "Patrick Zelman - Certified Psychic." The mailbox is closed. As he and Sanchez head towards the front porch, Longworth flashes his badge to the cop standing guard. Before reaching the front porch, Sanchez hears a voice say, "Welcome back, Mr. Sanchez," causing him to shudder. He and Longworth turn to Renee LeFleur. She is a woman in her early 40s with jet-black hair, pale skin, and piercing green eyes. Sanchez introduces Longworth to LeFleur and she in turn introduces a pretty, tearful woman in her 30s. The woman is Caitlin Zelman, the victim's wife. Longworth offers his condolences.


Renee LeFleur at the crime scene.

LeFleur offers her services to help catch the person who murdered Patrick, referring to him as a friend and telling them that he was a psychic and she's a medium. LeFleur explains that a psychic can tell an individual about his or her past, present and future by reading their energy field while a medium can communicate with the spirits of the dead. Longworth tells her he'll call if he needs her and LeFleur replies with certainty, "You'll call."</p>

Longworth and Sanchez step onto the porch and Longworth bumps his head on a clump of dried sage that hangs from the support beam. Sanchez ducks under the crime scene tape to enter through the front door and Longworth turns around and scans the other homes. Every house on the block has a clump of sage either hanging off the porch, in a window, or from a tree limb.

They pass through the living room and reach the kitchen where Patrick Zelman lies dead with a knife through his throat. Longworth comments that he either had really slow reflexes or a fatal flaw in his psychic ability. Sanchez says that the mediums and psychics have walk-in businesses, so they often leave their front doors open. Longworth notes that they do not know whether or not the killer was invited in. Longworth surveys the house, which looks undisturbed while Sanchez gets the sense someone is watching and glances out the window to see LeFleur's piercing green eyes gazing at him.

Longworth exits the house and approaches Caitlin Zelman, asking LeFleur to give them a minute. Longworth questions Caitlin about her marriage to Peter and she tells him they had been married for ten months, and she divorced her first husband after eleven months. Longworth asks how her ex felt about the marriage and Caitlin admits that he was not happy about it. She tells Longworth her ex is Evan Gratton, a merchant mariner who just returned from eight months at sea, currently residing in Homestead. She insists that her ex would never hurt Peter but Longworth continues to question her about him. Caitlin tells Longworth that she and Peter were having money troubles and he asks her to go into the house and look around to see if she notices anything missing.

While a police officer escorts Caitlin into the house, Longworth approaches Sara Weston. He reads her statement and sees that she had gotten a psychic sense that Patrick was dead and asks her how that works. Sara tells him that she can't explain her gift, but she's always had it. He asks her how to get ahold of Britney Newhall, Sara's client at the time of the murder. Sara tells him Brittany is at the only hotel in Cassadaga. During the conversation, Longworth pokes fun at psychics and mediums. Before Longworth leaves, Sara says one word - "Tamerac." Longworth, confused, asks what she means. She tells him that his wife will be from Tamerac.

At home, Callie takes a file folder from Heather, the medical sales woman who is en route from dropping off equipment specs at multiple medical centers. Heather notices an invitation for a "White Coat Ceremony" from Callie's medical school and comments that they put on a great after-party. Heather asks who Callie plans on taking to the after-party. Jeff walks in and Callie jokes that she's taking the best-looking man she knows, her son, to which Jeff replies, "Yeah, right." Jeff glances at the invitation, noticing the date. He reminds Callie that the night the ceremony is being held is the date of his friend Chelsea's birthday party.

Heather leaves and Jeff spies the Wi-Fi adapter and excitedly grabs it. Callie floats an idea asking Jeff what he would think if she asked Jim Longworth to the party. Jeff says that he thought Jim was just her friend and Callie replies that he is and that it wouldn't be a date date. Callie senses her son's apprehension and Jeff suggests she asks Dr. Fenton. Not wanting to push the matter, Callie agrees.

Britney Newhall sits opposite Longworth at a small couch in the lobby in the hotel. Britney is shaken up about Zelman's death. Longworth asks how long she had been getting readings from Patrick and she tells him that it has been about three years. She says she gets a reading about two to three times a year and sometimes over the phone. Britney tells him that she has tried other psychics off and on, including Sara. Longworth asks why she decided to change now and Britney replies that when she started with Patrick, she felt he was adding insight into her life, but that she had not gotten that feeling recently. Longworth asks about her career and she tells him she's a medical doctor and explains that she believes science doesn't always hold the answers. Longworth tells her that until he has all the answers, he needs her to stay in town.

Back at the station, Longworth asks Sanchez if Patrick Zelman's wife Caitlin found anything of her husband's missing from the house and Sanchez hands him a photo of a smiling Patrick Zelman in a pair of wire-framed glasses. Sanchez points out the glasses and says that they're a simple pair of reading glasses that can be found in a drugstore.

Hearing someone call out Longworth's name, both Sanchez and Longworth look up to see Renee LeFleur waiting, concerned and foreboding. LeFleur tells Longworth that she had a vibration today that someone near him was going to die very soon and to be very careful. With that said, she walks away.

Longworth walks into the hospital and spots Heather struggling to pull her roller bag up the stairs and offers to help. They chitchat about their careers and joke while they walk up the stairway. When they reach the top of the final staircase, Heather says goodbye and Longworth approaches Callie at her desk. Callie explains that she has to finish up her work so she can go to the white coat ceremony, where the dean presents the students with their first white physician's coat. Callie mentions the after-party and Longworth offers himself as her date. Callie is hesitant out of her concern for Jeff and Longworth says he understands.

Thinking about what Sara Weston predicted about his future wife, Longworth asks Callie where she's from. She says Coral Springs. Heather approaches and greets Longworth and Callie. She then invites Longworth to be her date to the White Coat after-party. Longworth looks back and forth between the two women and Heather abruptly concludes his answer is yes and hands him her card. After she leaves, Longworth asks Callie if she's always that aggressive, to which Callie replies, "I guess you'll find out." Callie insists she has to get back to work and heads off, leaving Longworth confused and unsure of what just happened.

Back at the station, Longworth requests that Green check Patrick Zelman's background information. Manus approaches with Adam Quinn, President of the Cassadaga Town Council. Quinn tells Longworth that the town is shaken up and explains that a crime of this nature has not happened in five years. Quinn explains that years ago, a young couple left Cassadaga and were never seen or heard from again and their bodies were never found. Longworth asks if the town tried to help find the couple and Quinn tells him that they had tried, but could never make contact. Quinn offers the assistance of his town and Longworth replies that he'll keep the offer in mind.

Manus excuses herself from Quinn and catches up with Longworth, scolding him for his bad attitude towards the medium and psychic community. Manus tells Longworth that Renee LeFleur has helped them with many cases in the past. She explains that it's politically tricky to use psychics or mediums in criminal investigations and asks what LeFleur has been saying to him. Longworth replies that it's what she's not saying and that he thinks they are all hiding something.

Longworth and Sanchez knock on a door in Homestead and Evan Gratton, ex-husband of Caitlin Zelman, answers: big, tough, tattooed and holding a beer. Longworth flashes his badge and Gratton invites him inside. The apartment is small and unkempt, full of knickknacks from around the world. A woman sunbathes in a bikini on the small balcony with a beer in hand. Longworth tells Gratton that his ex-wife's husband was killed yesterday, stabbed in his own home. Longworth asks Gratton if he has been to Cassadaga recently and Gratton says that he has never set foot there and that he has been at sea for the past eight months. He adds that last time he came back from sea, he was greeted with divorce papers from Caitlin, but insists he is over her and has a new girlfriend. Longworth asks for an alibi the night of Peter's murder and Gratton tells him he was with his girlfriend all day.

Longworth and Sanchez drive along a country road outside Cassadaga. Sanchez asks why they are going to see LeFleur and Longworth replies that if her abilities are good enough for the FDLE, then they are good enough for him. He also believes LeFleur is hiding something. The GPS Longworth is following starts acting wonky and its power goes in and out. Sanchez tells Longworth that some people believe the psychic energy in Cassadaga impacts GPS devices. Longworth turns onto a gravel road which ends quickly, causing him to slam on the brakes. The car skids to a stop, mere inches from a canal.

Longworth sits across from LeFleur and pulls out Patrick Zelman's wedding ring, which she had asked for in order to do a reading on it. Longworth notices a small table beside her, on which there is a microcassette recorder. LeFleur asks where Sanchez is and Longworth tells her he is outside guarding the car. Longworth asks her why she needs the wedding ring and LeFleur explains that any metal object would have done fine and that what she is going to do is called psychometry. She explains that metal objects belonging to a person, dead or alive, have energy that transfers information from that person. Longworth brings up the couple who was lost five years ago and she tells him that she sadly could not connect with them. With reluctance, she tells him that as a medium, when she helps people, it always involves death and that she wishes she was able to prevent tragedy.

LeFleur turns on the recorder and explains that it is something she always does in case one wants to refer to the session later. She holds Zelman's ring with her eyes closed and rubs it with her fingers, telling Longworth that the killer returned after the body was removed from the home and has been back to his own home after killing Patrick. She says the answer is in Patrick's house.

Longworth and Sanchez step up to Patrick's house. Longworth notices that the mailbox, which was closed before, is now open. He also notices that the clump of dried sage hanging on the front porch is much shorter than before. Longworth studies the sage and then steps off the back porch to check out the neighbor's houses. Sanchez opens the front door when a sudden explosion of fire bursts out the front door, sending him flying back.

Explosion Cassadaga

The explosion.

Firemen and paramedics arrive while smoke smolders as a fire at the entry is being put out. Longworth asks a paramedic how Sanchez is doing, but he seems fine. A fireman approaches Longworth and tells him the gas was turned on in the house and that the gas combined with something combustible caused the explosion. They are unsure what was combustible. Longworth notices a cigarette butt traveling along the stream of water from the fire hoses and picks it up.</p>

Back at the station, Green studies the cigarette butt which bears the unfamiliar brand name "Blue Tail." He tells Longworth that he found out that Patrick Zelman was charged with a misdemeanor battery when he was eighteen and his finances have jumped up and down through the years.Three times in the past two years, Zelman had taken out large chunks of money, only to have deposited even larger amounts shortly thereafter. Six weeks ago, Green says, Zelman withdrew almost all of his money, only this time it wasn't followed by a big deposit. Green tells Longworth that all the large withdrawals were checks written to an investment firm. Longworth asks Green to find out everything he can about the couple who went missing in Cassadaga five years ago.

Manus asks Longworth if he believes Renee LeFleur sent him to Zelman's house to kill him and Longworth replies that she sent them to the house for a reason. Longworth is still a skeptic but would like to bring her in for questioning.

Longworth goes to the hospital to see Sanchez and confronts Callie, telling her that he doesn't have to go to the White Coat Ceremony and doesn't want her to feel awkward because of Heather. Callie tells him that he should go and have a good time. Longworth gets a call on his cell phone. It's Green, who tells him that the cigarette Longworth found, Blue Tail, is only sold in South Africa. Longworth believes it means that sailor and world traveler Evan Gratton was lying about never being in Cassadaga.

Two uniformed FHP officers stand with Evan Gratton on the balcony as Longworth and Carlos search his apartment. Sanchez admires Gratton's collection of knickknacks from around the world. Longworth searches Gratton's drawers, remarking that the last place he was was South Africa. Longworth comes across a box containing several items, including a scarf, under which are microcassettes like the ones used by Renee LeFleur. Longworth holds up the tapes for Evan Gratton to see, which immediately has him looking worried.

Back at the hospital, Callie spots Dr. Carl Fenton pulling a Twinkie out of the vending machine. Callie brings up the White Coast after-party and Dr. Fenton tells her he'd love to go. Callie tells him that she's married and Dr. Fenton, understanding, tells her to say no more and offers to pick her up at eight, to which Callie agrees.

Evan Gratton sits at a table in the interrogation room. Longworth enters, sits and places the microcassette player in front of him. He tells Gratton that he found the player in a box in his apartment that must have belonged to his ex-wife, Caitlin. Longworth says the tapes are recordings of readings between Caitlin, LeFleur and her future husband, Patrick Zelman. The tapes are dated thirteen months ago, before Caitlin filed for divorce. Longworth sticks the tape into the player and hits play. Caitlin's voice is heard, "I don't know what to do..." On the tape, Patrick tells Caitlin that he is getting a strong connection that she and Evan have tried but are no longer connecting. Caitlin tells him that she used to always go to her father for advice, but he's dead. Patrick tells Caitlin to ask him by speaking to LeFleur because the dead reach out to her.

Longworth turns off the player remarks that Gratton must have felt terrible listening to this guy convince Caitlin to dump him. Gratton says she was duped and Longworth adds, with the help of Renee LeFleur. Longworth tells Gratton that the cigarette he left at the scene is going to have his DNA on it and Evan breaks down, admitting that he did go to Cassadaga, but not to kill Patrick Zelman. He continues that he actually went there to tell Patrick that he knew what he did and that he wanted to call him a home-wrecker to his face, but denies laying a hand on him.

Longworth asks where Caitlin was when this happened and Evan says that it wasn't about her, it was about Zelman disrespecting him by going after what was his. Longworth adds in that now that Patrick's dead, he can reclaim what is rightfully his. Gratton again denies killing Patrick. Manus pokes her head in and asks to speak to Longworth. They just found Renee LeFleur dead.

On a service road Longworth and Sanchez pull up in Longworth's car. Police officers surround the scene. Longworth and Sanchez step up to a dead body that lies dumped nearby. It's Renee LeFleur, stabbed with a knife through her chest. Longworth bends down and inspects her body and says to Sanchez that her vibration came true, someone near him did die, it just happened to be her.

Longworth surveys the crime scene, while Sanchez takes LeFleur's liver temperature. Longworth comments that Evan Gratton had it in for both Patrick Zelman and LeFleur. Sanchez asks what LeFleur was hiding and Longworth lists coercion, fraud. He says that Zelman must have convinced LeFleur to give him a false reading and told Caitlin her deceased father said it was okay for her to leave her husband for him.

Longworth theorizes that a car could've pulled up here undetected and a big guy like Evan Gratton could have easily carried LeFleur's body. Longworth's gaze holds on LeFleur, the crime scene adding up, but maybe not the suspect. Longworth adds in that he doesn't think Gratton did it. He notes that Gratton was a skeptic and the time of death does not add up, which they now have from the liver temperature reading Sanchez just did. Sanchez agrees that the murder happened when Evan Gratton was in custody.

Longworth says that they now know whoever killed LeFleur and Zelman is a true believer. He continues that LeFleur is dead because Patrick Zelman's killer was afraid she would contact Zelman's spirit and figure out who his murderer was.

At the White Coat Ceremony, the medical school dean calls out names while a few dozen students stand on the stage to receive their first white coat. Longworth spots Heather waving him over and he joins her. Heather tells him that he's a good friend to Callie for coming and Longworth returns the compliment. Heather responds that her motives are much more selfish, that these students are going to be doctors someday, to which Longworth replies, "future customers." Heather tells him that if they don't end up future customers, they could end up working for a pharmaceutical company that she represents or sitting on the FDA. Callie proudly dons her first white coat and exchanges looks with Longworth, who is beaming right back at her. Callie steps back to her classmates when a thought hits Longworth. He asks Heather what she said a moment ago about the students not being customers. Heather replies that not all doctors go into practice and that some go to work for pharmaceutical companies, research or sit on the FDA approval board. Longworth departs, needing to test a theory, and tells Heather he will see her tonight at the after-party.

Longworth gets on the phone with Green and tells him he needs to find out where Dr. Britney Newhall works in D.C. Green tells Longworth he followed the money and found that Zelman made four investments in the biotech industry and on the first three, he made a bunch of money and on the last one, he lost it all. He also tells Longworth that psychics and mediums believe that the burning of the sage is a cleansing tool, like cleaning the palate of negative energy after each vibration. It burns too slow for an accelerant; it is more like a smolder than a quick burn. Longworth abruptly hangs up.

Caitlin Zelman exits the hotel and finds Longworth waiting for her. He asks her if she had been back at her house recently and she says she has only been there to pick up the mail. Longworth adds that maybe she was there to burn her house down and Caitlin insists she had nothing to do with the fire. Longworth explains that the gas was turned on and something set it off. He tells her he guesses it was the sage clump on the porch, which was about half its original size last time he saw it, noting that its slow burning would allow her to walk away while the gas built up. Caitlin says that some evil person killed Patrick and that she wanted to cleanse her house of that presence. She claims she left the sage in the fireplace but did not turn on the gas. Longworth asks about Patrick's investment in the stock market. Caitlin says that Patrick was psychic and would get a "feeling" or "vibration" about certain stocks. Caitlin says she is broke, except for the life insurance policy she's about to collect, the result of some pretty bad stock investments. Caitlin asks if Longworth thinks she married and killed her husband over money as his cell buzzes. Longworth hangs up and tells Caitlin that the call he just got clears her.

In the interrogation room, Longworth and Dr. Britney Newhall sit across from each other. Britney admits that she forgot to mention she sat on the FDA approval board. Longworth tells her about the three biotech stocks that Zelman made money on and the one that he lost all his money on, noting that all involved companies that were awaiting FDA approvals on drugs. In all these cases, Britney sat on the committee making those decisions. Britney tries hard to maintain her composure.

Longworth asks Britney if she had some kind of deal to share in the windfall. He also asks if Patrick reneged on the deal and if she gave him bad intel in return. Britney admits that Patrick got information from her about the stocks, but not how Longworth thinks. The first time she went, she thinks it was a true psychic event that came to him while he was giving her a reading. After that, she believes that he couldn't get a read, so he steered her sessions towards work and tried to prompt her into giving him information.

Britney explains that she was suspicious, so she went back to listen to the readings and the tapes were conveniently blank. The only way she could be sure was to give him false information and see if he took it. She let it slip that a drug was going to be approved, when she knew they were going to deny it. Longworth tells her that the SEC tracks those sorts of big stock windfalls like Patrick had and she could lose her job and go to jail for insider training, which would be a motive to kill him.

Britney insists she did not kill Zelman. She says that Sara warned her to stay in D.C., away from Cassadaga. She sent Sara her bracelet and Sara gave her a phone reading, sensing trouble in her life. Longworth notes that when one trusts someone as much as Britney trusts Sara, she should heed her advice when she gives her a warning. On that note, Longworth gets up and leaves the interrogation room.

Longworth and Sanchez lean against Longworth's car. A 2005 Toyota Corolla is being pulled out of the canal in the exact same spot Longworth and Sanchez almost drove into on their way into Cassadaga. Inside the car are the remains of Paul and Linda Gilbert, the young couple who disappeared five years ago. Council President Adam Quinn remarks that all these years they assumed the couple were victims of foul play, and it turns out it was just an accident. Longworth adds in that they must have been relying on the GPS system to get them out when they drove into the water. Quinn realizes that the people of his community couldn't make contact with the couple because they were submerged in fifteen feet of water. He says he doesn't know anyone in Cassadaga who's a true believer who wouldn't act on a vibration if they thought it would save a life. Longworth tells him he believes him and heads to his car.

Longworth arrives at Sara Weston's house and walks toward the front door. Caitlin approaches him, clutching a letter from Patrick to her. She hands the letter to Longworth, her hands shaking and struggling to fight back tears.

Sara opens the door and finds Longworth, who asks to come in. Sara tells him she heard about Britney Newhall. Longworth says he wants to talk to her about Britney's state of mind and asks about the reading over the phone. He asks Sara if she told Britney that Patrick Zelman used information he got from her for illegal stock transactions. Sara doesn't answer. Her eyes are fixated on a pair of eyeglasses resting on her messy desk, matching the ones missing from Patrick's home. Longworth snaps her out of the distraction and Sara tells him that she did not.

Like the tell-tale heart, these glasses are beating a drum of guilt for Sara, who keeps glancing over at them. She doesn't remember leaving these glasses on her desk. She asks to be excused for a moment. She enters her bedroom and rummages under some clothes and pulls out a pair of eyeglasses that are identical to those she saw on her desk. If these glasses are Patrick's, then whose are those on her desk? She looks up to see Longworth standing in her doorway holding those glasses. Longworth tells her he bought them at her local drug store and planted them there to trick her, saying, "It's over, Sara."

Sara's guilt has been bottled up. She asks if Longworth if he knew that he could prevent a future harm, would he do it? Longworth asks what she saw. Sara says that in her phone reading with Britney, she got a sense that Dr. Newhall was in danger from someone here at Cassadaga. Britney had mentioned that Patrick was her only connection here, so she stole his glasses to get a reading on them and saw it clear as day: Patrick had lost a lot of money because of Britney and was going to kill her.

Longworth tells Sara that she couldn't have known that for sure. Sara explains that she did a reading for the young couple who disappeared five years ago while they were passing through on their way to a wedding and had the same undeniable sense that they were going to die. She warned them not to go but they didn't listen. Sara then went to the police and begged them to escort the couple to the wedding, telling them what she saw, but the police treated her like she was crazy. She explains that for five years, she has lived with the guilt that she should've done more and couldn't live with that guilt again.

Longworth remarks that Sara did do something by warning Dr. Newhall not to come to Cassadaga and Sara says that it didn't matter, Patrick would have gone to where she was to kill her, so she was forced to take matters into her own hands. Longworth puts the pieces together: Sara killed Peter, burned down his house with a combination of gas and sage accelerant to hide the evidence and then killed Renee LeFleur because she believed Patrick spoke to her from the grave and told Renee that she was the killer.

Sara tells Longworth that what LeFleur heard was not Patrick but her own guilt because she knew what she had done to ruin Evan Gratton's marriage. Still, she says, she couldn't take a chance that LeFleur would talk. Longworth holds up the letter that Caitlin gave him outside. In it, Patrick tells his wife, "If you're reading this, it means that I'm dead. Killed by my own hand for taking a person's life." He then goes onto explain why he killed Dr. Newhall for losing everything on his stock deal. Of course, he never got a chance to kill Britney Newhall, or himself. Sara tells Longworth that the letter proves she was right to do what she did and that she saved Britney's life. Longworth asks her if she knows the difference between a psychic seeing the future and a psychic trying to change it and she replies, "Life in prison."

Callie Party

Callie at the White Coat After Party.

At the White Coat after-party, a group of well-dressed men and women gather round the backyard of an upscale house while a DJ spins tunes and waiters drift through with trays of drinks. Heather thanks Longworth for coming and tells him she knows parties where you don't know anyone can be a real drag, but promises to make it up to him later at her dad's yacht. Heather notices a well-known doctor over the dance floor and goes over to talk to him. Longworth and Callie notice each other and chat casually for a bit, and then Callie asks him if he knew she was going to ask him to this event. Longworth tells her he was hoping that was the case but understands the position it would put her in with Jeff. Something hits Longworth. "So wait. When I asked you if you didn't want me to go with Heather..." She gives him a look. Of course she didn't want him to. Longworth jokes that he really does not understand women and they both smile.
Jim Callie Dance

Jim and Callie share a dance at the White Coat after Party.

Callie tells Longworth that she appreciates him being there today. They head out to the dance floor and begin slow dancing, when Callie's cell phone rings. Jeff is sick and is unable to go to his first boy/girl party. Callie decides to head home. Longworth offers to come home with her but Callie insists he go home with Heather out of courtesy and jokes that that she does not look forward to the ride with Dr. Fenton as the only thing they have in common is the city they were born in. Remembering what she's said earlier, Longworth answers, "Coral Springs," but Callie says no, she grew up in Coral Springs but was actually born in Tamerac. They say goodnight and Callie heads over to her "date" as Longworth smiles, realizing his future is looking brighter.</p>