A young lovestruck couple walk the beach, completely absorbed in one another, when a man with a serious head wound comes stumbling out of the brush, begging them to call police. The man, Dave Rollins, is taken to the hospital where Callie and two other orderlies move him towards the operating room as he struggles to remain conscious. In a moment of lucidity, Rollins whispers, "He shot her at The Back Stop - tell him, tell the cops if I die." He goes on to tell Callie that the killer looks identical to him before the surgical nurse intervenes, wheeling Rollins into the operating room.

Callie calls Longworth, who is already at The Back Stop bar examining another body (a young woman), to tell him about the injured Rollins and his message. Longworth immediately connects the dead woman he's examining and the bar to Rollins' message. He tells Callie he's sending an officer over to watch the man, who may be a violent offender. Callie objects, but Longworth agrees to send plainclothes officers and promises to join her soon.


The next murder victim at the Back Stop Bar.

Longworth hangs up with Callie, telling Sanchez (who is examining the scene) that they've secured either a witness or killer, as the victim has essentially made a confession by describing himself as the shooter. Sanchez tells Longworth that he'll process a broken bottle he's found at the scene. He also pinpoints the murder weapon as a small caliber gun which was shot at point blank range just as Longworth spots the exact gun beneath the dumpster. While they review the evidence, they hear a scream as Lenny Nelson is restrained by uniformed officers while reaching out towards the victim.</p>

Lenny tells Longworth the victim is his wife, Lisa Nelson, and that he knew something had happened to her as soon he heard about the attack on the radio. Longworth leaves Lenny with his intern Daniel Green and continues inside the bar. There he meets Betty, a fellow bar employee of Lisa's. Betty tells Longworth that Lisa told her that her last name was Howard, which is also the name on Lisa's license. Betty gets Lisa's purse which contains two driver's licenses, one for Lisa Nelson of Delray Beach and one for Lisa Howard from Claxton, Georgia with the birthday scratched off. Longworth asks Betty if she noticed that when she hired Lisa to serve alcohol.

As they continue to search Lisa's locker, Longworth pulls out and examines a skimpy referee's uniform which Betty tells him is the costume that all servers wear. Longworth questions her about seeing any strange characters and hearing the gunshot but Betty tells him to talk to Suzie who was running the lunch shift that day. Just before leaving the Back Stop, Longworth thinks a minute and then sends a text.

Callie receives the text as she's watching Dave Rollins in a post-surgery slumber. It's Longworth asking her to send him a picture of the suspect. Callie is frustrated and a little angry at Longworth for putting her in that position and quickly texts him back that she won't do it.

Later at the station, Longworth tells Sanchez about the exchange with Callie and her reaction. Sanchez reminds him to think about the fact that to Callie the suspect is not a murderer but a patient. They continue to go over developments and Longworth tells Sanchez he has Records and Identity running Rollins' prints to see if he's in the system. Sanchez postulates that Rollins' head trauma may have caused his delusions about an identical man being the shooter and brings up the condition known as Subjective Doubles Syndrome, a brain injury that makes people think that the body of someone they know has been occupied by an evil doppelganger. He suggests that this could be the case, unless Rollins did have an actual twin somewhere, but Longworth quickly bashes that theory, explaining he's already checked and Rollins definitely does not have a twin.

Daniel Green sits with an emotionally devastated Lenny as Longworth and Sanchez observe from a window. A lab tech approaches the men and hands over an evidence bag and a file report from which they learn that the only prints found on the gun belonged to the victim, Lisa Nelson. Also included in the notes is a mug shot of the injured Dave Rollins, much to the concern of Longworth.

Longworth confronts Lenny about his whereabouts the previous night. Lenny explains he was working at his dad's citrus store where they were preparing online shipments until midnight. He worries aloud about the clothes his wife Lisa was found in, explaining she didn't dress that way and would never even go to a bar like The Back Stop. Longworth shows Lenny Lisa's Georgia driver's license and hesitantly reveals that his wife was actually working at The Back Stop nights under her maiden name after leaving her job at the citrus store.

Longworth produces a mug shot of Dave Rollins, prompting Lenny to ask if the man is a criminal and whether he's the one that killed Lisa. Longworth shows him the gun found at the scene and Lenny tells him he gave Lisa the gun but only for protection when she was home alone. Realizing what he's done, Lenny becomes inconsolable, asking God to forgive him for giving Lisa the gun that killed her. Longworth watches the man break down, measuring his sincerity.

At the hospital, Longworth approaches a recovering Dave Rollins with Callie behind him providing strict instructions to tread lightly or broken hand or not, she will throw him out. Longworth asks how the hand is feeling and Callie sarcastically explains she will never play a game of pick-up basketball with her teenaged son again. Longworth questions Rollins about what he remembers from his experience at The Back Stop and Rollins details leaving the bar around midnight and walking to the alley for his car when he spotted a man in a Tampa Tech jacket with a bulldog holding a gun on Lisa. He tells Longworth that he ran screaming at the top of his lungs just as the man pulled the trigger and then when he turned to look, the man looked just like him. Then everything went red.

Jim Callie Hospital 1

Callie and Jim at Palm Glade Regional Medical Center

Still not satisfied, Longworth continues to press Rollins about whether he knows the victim, pointing out that he reacted a little when he was shown a photograph of Lisa, but Rollins swears he's never seen her before. Longworth then shows Rollins his own mug shot and asks if this is the man that killed Lisa (which causes Rollins' pulse rate to spike, a fact which Callie notes.) Rollins gets what Longworth is going for and says he did not commit the crime. Longworth sarcastically postulates that maybe it was Rollins' evil twin that killed Lisa, but when Rollins seems to consider this, Longworth quickly snaps him back to reality, explaining he knows the man has no twin, evil or otherwise, and any violence he caused is of his own doing, meaning the mug shot. Rollins insists he is a changed man, but Longworth reminds him that his prior arrest took place at a bar and now here he is in a bar again when someone was murdered. Rollins explains he was using steroids back when he was arrested, but now he's off drugs, has had years of therapy and is no longer violent. Longworth isn't buying it and continues to instigate until Callie has had enough and kicks him out.</p>

Callie is furious as she escorts Longworth out of Rollins' room, asking if this is what he considers "treading lightly" when the man has just had brain surgery. Longworth counters that Rollins is an ex-con with a violent past, but Callie again challenges him, questioning why Rollins would come forward if he was the one who committed the crime. Longworth confesses that he was actually hoping she could help with that part. Sighing, Callie explains that brain injuries are tricky and make sane people have bizarre delusions with no memory of them later. Still, she says, Rollins seems awfully sad for someone with such a violent past.

Callie Jim Hospital

Jim and Callie question suspect Dave Rollins.

At The Back Stop later that day, Longworth speaks to Suzie, another waitress, who tells him that while Lisa loved her husband, she said he wanted to control her while she wanted to break free and explore. Suzie also acknowledges that Lisa was keeping her job from Lenny who was planning for their future while she longed for spontaneity. This spontaneity, she says, always included crushing on one new guy after another. Longworth notes that Suzie just said Lisa loved her husband and Suzie explains she did love him and said that Lenny was the husband every woman wanted at forty. The only problem, Suzie says, is that Lisa was just twenty.</p>

At Nelson Groves, Longworth approaches the closed store to find a group of family members mourning Lisa and is greeted by pretty and sweet Amy, one of the mourners. Longworth asks for Lenny, telling Amy he's been calling his cell phone repeatedly but that it keeps going straight to voicemail. Amy tells Longworth she turned the phone off as the endless condolence calls have been wearing on Lenny. Michael Nelson, Lenny's dad approaches, remarking that Longworth doesn't look like FDLE and demands to see his shield. As Michael studies the shield, Longworth has a chance to survey the farm. Michael explains that the land has been in his family for generations and takes Longworth into the industrial warehouse where Lenny sits lost, his hand in his hands.

Longworth asks Lenny how he's holding up and Lenny sarcastically reminds him that he's just found out his wife served alcohol, showed her body off, forged her license and denied their marriage. As Lenny turns in his seat to face the detective, Longworth notices he is wearing a Tampa Tech jacket, the same jacket that Dave described to have been worn by the killer. Longworth confirms that the jacket is Lenny's and wonders silently whether his job has just gotten much easier or much harder.

Longworth questions Lenny about the murder, telling him that someone wearing the jacket was spotted standing over the victim. Lenny reminds him he's gotten this information from a felon and throws the jacket at Longworth when the detective asks to borrow it. Hearing the argument, Amy and Michael arrive and Michael insists that Longworth leave. Longworth tells an angry Michael that he will need to search his son's house. As he exits, Longworth notices Amy confronting Lenny and notes this in the back of his mind.

Michael takes Longworth to Lenny and Lisa's home. In the closets, Longworth finds only men's clothes, a detail which sticks out to him as strange. He studies a photograph of Lenny aged fifteen hugging a middle-aged woman. Michael explains that the woman in the photo is Lenny's mom who ran off with a produce clerk a few weeks after the picture was taken and is the cause of Lenny's feelings of abandonment. As Longworth continues to look around the room, he can't help but notice that except for a picture from Lenny and Lisa's honeymoon on the dresser, the room lacks a woman's touch. Michael points out that the room has not changed much since Lenny was in college but that the majority of the "stuff" in the house are items Lisa had to have.

Minutes later, Longworth and Michael arrive in the attic to find the tiny space has been filled with items including a vanity with a chair, storage lockers, makeup and skin creams. Michael questions why Lisa would keep all her stuff locked in the attic, but quickly jumps to the conclusion off Longworth's look that the detective thinks his son is controlling. As Longworth searches through drawers and under items he finds a pregnancy test, a checkbook and sexy undergarments while Michael tries unsuccessfully to appear stonefaced at what Longworth has found.

At the hospital, Longworth shows Lenny's side of the honeymoon photograph to Dave Rollins to determine whether he knows the man. Rollins does not recognize him, but Longworth presses him to take another look. Rollins is unsure of what to think and asks Longworth why he's considering this man when he doesn't fit the description of being Rollins' twin, as Rollins had first described. Rollins asks Longworth whether the detective believes his story and Longworth explains that while his is a tough story to swallow, what he does believe is that a girl was murdered, Rollins was there and that the man who killed her was wearing a Tampa Tech jacket, a school which, Longworth notes Rollins continues to attend as a way to get his life back on track after a long prison term. This last comment sparks something in Dave and he begins to cry. As Longworth comforts him, Callie approaches and he moves to join her.

Once again, Callie implores Longworth to tread lightly when dealing with Rollins. Longworth promises he was being non-confrontational and totally in-bounds, but Callie counters, asking if that's the case then why is Rollins in tears. This makes Longworth think and he questions whether the trauma may have affected Rollins' emotions. He can't help but feel that maybe Callie's observation is right. Rollins is sad, but Longworth wonders if he's sad because he hurt someone or because he can't help them. As they consider this, Longworth gets a text and tells Callie he has to go.

After Longworth leaves, Callie moves to Dave to apologize for Longworth's behavior. Dave is in emotional agony. He wonders aloud to Callie, questioning whether his brain is actually tricking him, that maybe he did murder Lisa after all.

In Carlos Sanchez's lab, intern Daniel Green stands over a Lucite box with the reconstructed beer bottle as Longworth approaches. Longworth asks Green to try and connect the Tampa Tech jacket to the crime scene. He also wants to know whether Sanchez and Green think Lisa could have been pregnant at the time of the murder. Green tells him that Sanchez found blood and prints on the bottle that match Dave Rollins DNA. It seems that the glass being broken over his head, along with his hitting the pavement, have caused Rollins' injury. Between this new evidence and Rollins' police record, the team decides they have enough evidence to search his apartment, though at the moment, due to Rollins' condition, no judge will grant them the warrant.

Getting back to the evidence at hand, Green tells Longworth they also found latex from a common kitchen glove at the scene. He adds that the team also found citrus particles on the glove from something like an orange. Longworth explains that the victim worked at a citrus store and Sanchez hypothesizes that may Lisa used a bottle from the dumpster and hit Rollins before he shot her, but Longworth counters that maybe it was actually the shooter who wore the latex gloves. Sanchez seems surprised that Longworth is backing off on Rollins and Longworth tells him Callie believes Rollins is innocent and she's someone who knows when she's being played. Sanchez laughs, saying obviously she doesn't if she's still hanging out with Longworth, a joke the detective doesn't think is very funny. Sanchez calls to Longworth as he exits, following him outside.

Longworth and Sanchez head over to the office of Lisa's psychologist, Dr. Theodore Miller, with the check Longworth discovered in Lisa's attic room. Dr. Miller tells the men that Lisa was a patient of his, though Longworth counters $300 seems awfully steep for a waitress to spend on therapy. Dr. Miller explains that Lisa was having trouble in her marriage and came to him with the emotional capacity of a 13 year-old, but was making extremely good progress while in his care. According to the doctor, the problem was that Lenny wanted to start a family, but Lisa wasn't ready. She came to therapy seeking answers and took a job waiting tables to pay his fee. Longworth asks the doctor if Lisa was seeing another man, and when he says no, Longworth hypothesizes that maybe Dr. Miller actually wanted more than a business relationship with Lisa, but she turned him down causing him to get angry and stalk her. The doctor finds Longworth's reaching preposterous and tells him at the time of Lisa's murder he was at a conference in front of 300 people. He goes on to say that Lisa was preoccupied with the independence her paycheck gave her; so much so that she was meeting a man at coffee house Castillo's to talk about a second job.

The men head over to Castillo's, an old grocery store turned Latino bodega and coffee bar. Longworth shows Lisa's photo to Ramon, a Cuban immigrant behind the counter, and tries in painful, broken Spanish to inquire about her. Sanchez takes over after the man asks him why Longworth is being so threatening. Ordering them both two Cuban coffees, Sanchez tells the barista that Lisa met a man earlier in the week at his coffee shop and they think that man might have murdered her. He hands the barista the picture and asks if he recognizes the woman in it. The barista says no but tells them that there's a camera on the ATM across the street that catches everyone who goes in and out. Sanchez thanks him and the men slug down their coffee and leave to find the ATM.

At the bank, Longworth and Sanchez watch the rapid playback of the security cam video when Longworth sees something that interests him. They pause on an image of Castillo's exterior where three tables are occupied, several men at two of them and a lone man at the third. Looking closer at the lone man, they realize it's none other than Dave Rollins. A moment later, Lisa Nelson joins Rollins at the table, greeting her with an intimate kiss. Suddenly he is not so innocent after all.

The team splits up at the hospital, Sanchez talking to Rollins' neurologist as Longworth confronts the bedridden man, showing him a video playback of his meeting with Lisa. Together, Longworth and Rollins watch the video showing the two holding hands and whispering before Lisa takes a pen from her pocket and writes something down on a napkin. Longworth tells Rollins that given this new evidence, he must now admit that he does actually know Lisa. Rollins hangs his head in his hands, admitting that while that fact now seems to be obvious, he still can't remember anything and it's tearing him up that he has no knowledge of who this beautiful woman is or why he knew her. He is in such a state over his memory loss that Callie and the neurologist rush in to assist.

As the medical staff tries to calm Rollins down, Sanchez pulls Longworth aside, explaining that while the neurologist can't say for sure whether Rollins is lying, he wants to keep him for a few days and believes the evidence points to him being the killer. Longworth seems to agree with this and the neurologist's feelings that Rollins should be in county lockup. With the neurologist's permission, Longworth steps back over to Rollins and asks what it was that Lisa wrote on the paper and gave to him. Of course Rollins doesn't know, so Longworth asks if he remembers where the paper is. Rollins suspects it may be in his apartment and reluctantly gives Longworth permission to look. Longworth tells him that he has physical evidence and can obviously connect him with the victim so the best thing for him to do is to place him under arrest. Rollins holds out his wrist and Longworth cuffs him to the bed, as Callie shakes her head in disgust and exits.

Inside the bedroom of Dave Rollins' tiny, modest apartment, Longworth finds photo booth pictures of Lisa and Dave which show them obviously very happy and in love. On the nightstand are a phone and a glass of water. Under the glass is a napkin on which Lisa wrote her phone number though the condensation on the glass has blurred the number beyond recognition.

Longworth heads to the lab where Sanchez is bagging up the Tampa Tech jacket. Sanchez tells Longworth they've found soil and other unidentifiable particles on the jacket but nothing that puts it at the crime scene. Longworth asks if the lab team can pull a phone number off the napkins, but Green has already cross-referenced Lisa and Dave's phone records and found it for them.

They dial the number Green pulled and listen as it rings. A man answers "Southeastern Mystery Shoppers," obviously not what they were expecting. Longworth pretends he's a potential client and learns they advertise in multiple magazines. He asks how the set-up works and the man tells him the process is simple, they pay people anywhere from $200 a day minimum to shop. Longworth tells the man he's interested and in living in Palm Glades. The man tells him he's in luck, that there's a rep in the area that's very busy but can meet him around 11. Longworth tells him he'll be there and as a final touch he gives him his name: Daniel Green. Perplexed, Green asks why Longworth gave the man his name. Longworth tells him the whole thing is a con and the man is a grifter who'd never buy Longworth as a mark.

The next day, Longworth plants Daniel Green, the mark, in the hotel with a recording device as he sits behind a newspaper, watching his every move. Joe Thomas, the slick grifter approaches Green all business and explains he represents a chain of retailers and all Green has to do is use Thomas' credit card to buy the items that correspond to the stores. He asks Green if he wants to give it a try and tells him there's an electronic store across the street and he can give him a list of items to buy. Once he's finished he'll bring the items back and fill out a questionnaire. Just as he's about to give him his card, Longworth approaches and says he's heard this tune before asks if Thomas' card is stolen.

Longworth tosses Thomas into his car where the grifter begins harassing him about seeing Longworth's badge and invoking his Miranda rights if he's being arrested for fraud. Longworth tells Thomas fraud is the least of his worries, as he plans to arrest him for murder.

In the interrogation room, Longworth shows Thomas the picture of Lisa. Thomas tells Longworth that Lisa was eager to get involved with his grifting business, even looking at ways to bring in new shoppers. Longworth asks if Lisa ever brought him anyone and Thomas says she tried but the guy, whose name he can't remember, never showed. He continues that Lisa wanted to make as much money as she could because her husband was cheating and she wanted out. Longworth asked him how he knows this and he tells him Lisa told him herself. Longworth asks why Lisa would've kept those details from her co-workers and therapist but would've felt the need to tell him, to Thomas explains that barely knowing someone makes it easier to tell them things you wouldn't even tell your priest. Longworth presses Thomas for the name of Lisa's husband's lover, but he replies mockingly that that's the only information he didn't get. Longworth thinks for a minute and heads for the door, leaving an angry Thomas behind.

At Nelson Groves, Longworth enters with two officers when he spots Amy, who's wearing a pair of common kitchen groves to arrange a table of oranges and tangerines. Longworth inquires as to Lenny's whereabouts and Amy asks if there's been a new development in the case, but reacts uncomfortably when she sees the cops behind him. As the team makes their way inside, Longworth tells Amy they've found out that Lenny was having an affair. Shocked, Amy asks who told him that, a statement Longworth clocks, noting the guilt behind it. As Lenny arrives, Longworth lays all the information on the table, explaining to Lenny that he was just telling his girlfriend Amy that they now have a motive for his wife's murder. Longworth cuffs Lenny and Amy and let's Michael know that he's arrested them, watching as the man's face again turns stone cold.

In the interrogation room, Longworth sits across from a nervous Amy who tells him she and Lenny were not an item, that she was only comforting him over the loss of his wife. Longworth isn't buying it and tries to coax the truth from Amy, telling her he knows she and Lenny grew up next to each other all those years, were probably childhood sweethearts and when Lenny came back from college with a wife she must have been angry. He continues as he sees Amy begin to crack, explaining he knows what it's like to be in love with someone who's married to someone they'd be better off without. Amy finally begins to let her guard down, telling Longworth Lenny was alone in college, making him "susceptible."

Sensing he is getting somewhere, Longworth eggs her on, suggesting that when Lenny came home from school Amy was still there, still burning a candle for him, even though it was too late. He adds that Lenny likely hired her to work in the store to keep her around and remarks how much that must have hurt her. Finally, he comes right out and asks if Amy killed Lisa. Lisa swears that neither she nor Lenny killed Lisa, but Longworth isn't done with her yet. He reminds her that when the condolence calls came in and the guilt was too much, Amy was there to comfort Lenny and keep the pain from his life. As Amy begins to cry Longworth tells her she doesn't have to go to prison, but she does have to help sort out the truth.

Longworth now uses his tactics on Lenny, who immediately asks him what he's done with Amy. Longworth tells Lenny it's his turn to talk about what he did with Amy, telling him that his girlfriend finally broke down with the weight of the burden he expected her to carry. Longworth again references Lenny going away to school, meeting Lisa, falling in love and having a great life, that is, until his feelings for Amy resurfaced. Lenny is adamant and says that his one time being with Amy does not constitute an affair. He goes on to say that the liaison wasn't planned, that his father had a Little League coaches meeting that night and had asked Amy to stay and help in the store in his place. Longworth notes this interesting piece of information.

Longworth brings up Lenny's mother which immediately makes him angry, which Longworth notes. Lenny tells him to leave his mother out of their discussion, but this only encourages the detective. Longworth asks if the cracks in Lenny's marriage began to show so much that Lisa started picking up on what was going on with Amy had begun pull away from Lenny, planning to abandon him just like his mother had. Lenny can hardly contain his anger when Longworth lets the final shoe drop that he thinks Lenny killed Lisa because he resented her, just like he resented his mother. This is too much for Lenny who screams that he never resented his mother and slams his fist on the table, an act which makes Longworth smile, knowing that he's gotten the emotions he wanted.

In the observation room, Longworth and Sanchez talk about what's just happened. Longworth notes that Lenny's abandonment issues and resentment towards his mother transfer to every woman in his life, a strong motive for murder. Sanchez counters that he's forgetting the fact that the suspect whom all evidence points to is sitting in a bed at Palm Glade Regional. Just then, Longworth's phone rings. It's Callie with news that that man, Dave Rollins, has just escaped.

At the hospital, Longworth stands at what was once Dave's bed. The fugitive has left behind only a few hospital documents and a paper clip used as a lock pick. Callie is quick to tell Longworth the hospital administration did the best they could to keep Dave in custody and Longworth says he will point the finger at his men then. He asks where the cop at the door was when all this went on and Callie tells him he went to the bathroom and called his partner to cover, giving Dave maybe a minute to escape. Longworth notes that all the planning involved with his escape means Dave's brain swelling must have gone down, his cognition and motor skills are returning and that he must be starting to remember what really did happen that night. With this knowledge, Callie begins to realize the sad fact that she believed Rollins, who must really be the killer, all this time. As she beats herself up over it...

Longworth uses his cell to let Manus know Rollins has escaped. Manus tells Longworth to check bus stations, train stations and the airport. She adds that this is a major screw up and asks how it could have happened. Longworth tells her it's his case, his fault. Looking over the documents Rollins left behind, Longworth notices one paper in Rollins' files that is separate from the others. He studies this one a bit closer.

Callie joins Longworth in the recovery room and apologizes for misreading Rollins, noting that she should've stayed out of it. Longworth hands over the document he's been looking at and tells her he's actually glad she didn't. Callie doesn't understand what he means until he points out the hand drawn diagram Rollins had penned on the document with lines, boxes and three X's with directional arrows, proving Rollins was struggling to sort out the crime all along and prove his innocence.

In the alleyway Rollins stands at the crime scene, staring at the dumpster. Longworth approaches behind him, a bag in his hand. Rollins apologizes to Longworth for escaping and tells him he needed to come back. Longworth tells Rollins he kind of figured it out and removes the Tampa Tech jacket from the bag, gesturing to Callie as he slips it on. Longworth asks if Rollins can show him what happened that night, telling them Callie will play Lisa.

Rollins begins to describe the scene: Lisa had just changed from work; they came out back because it was so crowded inside. (Longworth positions Callie at the back of the Back Stop's door, following the story.) They started to walk when Lisa remembered forgetting her purse. Rollins says he told her he would get the car and meet her around back. Longworth asks him to act it out which Rollins does, remembering as he moves towards the car that he had turned around, which he does again to find Longworth with his arm outstretched to Callie pointing his finger at her chest like a gun and pulling the trigger.

Seeing the scene replayed again makes Rollins livid with anger. He charges Longworth, raising a fist just before Longworth restrains him, spinning around from the force of Rollins body and finding himself by the dumpster, one hand resting on the lip so they don't fall and the other on a beer bottle, a weapon that was also used in the murder. Rollins sobs at the memory, taking in the scene and the jacket Longworth is wearing and remembering the jacket he saw was actually red, the same red flash he described seeing at the scene, but the jacket Longworth is wearing is not the one he remembers. With this, he breaks down, crying into Longworth's shoulder.

Back at the station, Sanchez and Green wait outside for a van to pick them up, unsure exactly why. Jeb, an old time police officer, picks them up in the van where a bloodhound is snarling and barking.

At Nelson Groves, Amy, Lenny and Michael organize the shop as Longworth enters. Michael is immediately upset that Longworth's arrived and tells him he better have a damn good reason to be there. Longworth says he's come to apologize and tell them a man has confessed to Lisa's murder and there's ample evidence against him. Michael asks if it's like the ample evidence they had against Lenny and Amy. Longworth tells them that he feels really bad about that, but it was actually mostly the gun that threw him off. As he mentions the gun everyone turns to see Jeb walking a mutt through the grove with Sanchez and Green.

Michael asks why the dog is back there and Longworth lies and says the dog probably has to use the bathroom. Longworth continues and tells the group that someone had to steal the gun from Lisa's purse or wrestle it from her in the alley in order to get it, but when Longworth searched Lisa's locker her purse was still in there, meaning someone must have taken the gun out before she got to work. Behind Longworth, the dog has picked up a scent and is growing more agitated by the minute.

As the dog continues to sniff, Michael tells Longworth he and the dog have to get off his property without a warrant, but Longworth's already got one in his back pocket. He tells them he has a witness who saw the killer in the alley with what he thought was a Tampa Tech jacket. Michael moves towards the exit but he sees officers there and turns around as officers begin to surround the place. Longworth asks if Michael still coaches the Red Birds little league team, remarking that this is the exact red color Rollins remembers seeing at the crime scene, which fits since Michael was at a coach's dinner that night. Proving his point, he opens a door to reveal a Red Birds team jacket on a hook. Longworth says that while Rollins described a Tampa Tech Jacket with a bulldog on it, the red bird standing on the baseball would be easy mistake in a blind panic.

The dog outside begins barking at the earth, his hair standing straight on end. Longworth takes this opportunity to mention this is a cadaver dog that once found a body buried for ten years. Lenny is confused and Longworth reveals that his father had been lying when he said his mother ran off with a produce clerk. Lenny presses his father to tell him what Longworth is talking about as the dog wails and barks. Longworth looks straight at Michael and remarks that he can tell he really loves his land and all the "No Trespassing" signs are simply to protect it, but it would also make sense to protect that land if he killed his wife and buried her on it. He asks Michael if they dig where the dog is telling him to, will they find the body of his wife.

With that, Lenny reaches for a gun, aims it at his father and asks if he killed his mom. Michael tells Lenny that his mother was a whore, just like Lisa and they both deserved to die. Lenny cocks the gun and prepares to shoot as police swarm in. Michael tells him to just do it, that he doesn't care anymore, but as he looks at Michael's sad face, Lenny weakens his resolve on the gun just enough for Longworth to snatch it away. Deputies grab both men and drag them to their feet as Amy looks on in shock.

At the hospital Longworth and Callie push Dave Rollins in wheelchair along the sidewalk. He is obviously feeling much better but the loss of Lisa is still hurting him now that he can finally remember her. Longworth apologizes to Rollins for his treatment of him in the hospital and Rollins says it's okay, that Longworth didnt have any other choice. Longworth calls him a hero for trying to save the woman he loved and Rollins shrugs, telling them he's really no hero. The group reaches the medical transport van and Longworth tells Rollins they've found his car, had it towed to his house and have taken care of the parking tickets. As he gets in the van, Rollins turn back around and asks if he could get a copy of the video of him and Lisa together at the coffee shop. Longworth asks if he's sure he can handle it and Rollins says he's not sure but he's willing to take the chance. Longworth shakes Rollins' hand and tells him to take care of himself and let him know if he needs anything.

Jim Callie ThankYou

Jim tells Callie she was right all along.

As the van drives off, Longworth tells Callie that Rollins should sure be glad she was there to wheel him in that night because he would have thrown him in jail. Callie counters that sometimes you need to take a chance on people and not always assume the worst. Longworth tells him he doesn't always assume the worst, but quickly takes it back when she reminds him of how he acts with most people. Longworth tells her he's serious about the thank you and that between the brain damage and the whole leap of faith thing he was definitely out of his league. Callie says she thinks he only pretends to be out of his league so someone like her can come along and save him. They smile knowingly at each other for a long moment as he heads off and she watches him leave, wondering why she keeps letting him go.</p>