Jeff Cargill is Callie’s son, a good looking, smart 14 year-old who struggles to reconcile his parents’ odd and up-for-grabs marital status. Jeff constantly tests his boundaries with his mother. He could definitely use a father figure in his life, and he has taken a liking to Longworth.

Jeff had a tumultuous season two, as his elation of getting his father back was crushed when he saw Ray get brutally attacked and have to go into witness protection. Also, Jeff’s anxiety to start high school was compounded when a student accidentally killed his favorite teacher and soccer coach. Though initially resentful toward his mother for not allowing his father to be reunited into the family, Jeff eventually came to grips with the fact that Callie made the decision for both of their benefits and not just her own. Also, Callie helped Jeff reduce the apprehension of starting high school by introducing him to Carlos’s daughter, a sophomore, who soon became friends with him.