Brad and Lisa run through a wooded park, their heart monitors beeping. Lisa takes off ahead of Brad and disappears around a curve. He's about to kick into gear when the heart monitor she's wearing (and that he's monitoring) starts beeping furiously. Scared and concerned for his friend, Brad races down the trail to search for her. He rounds a curve to find her bending over, gasping for breath. He follows her gaze to the bloody body of a beautiful young woman on the ground.

Detective Jim Longworth and Callie Cargill, also a little breathy, lie in bed. Callie tells him it's been too long since they had an entire day to spend together and they should get up and enjoy the day. But she spoke too soon. Simultaneously, their cell phones ring. They both roll over and answer. Chief Medical Examiner, Carlos Sanchez tells Jim about the dead body found in the woods. Dr. Miranda Buckley tells Callie that the intern who was supposed to work that weekend got sick with the flu and Callie has to come in and cover for him. They both hang up. So much for spending some alone time together.


Jim and Carlos at the crime scene.


Jim, Carlos, Colleen, and Jennifer converse about the case.

At the crime scene, Carlos tells Jim that the victim is Bree Michaels. She was stabbed eight times, although just the wound in the neck alone would have killed her. The attack clearly happened somewhere else since there's no blood or blood trail. The knife appears to have a serrated edge and a distinct cross guard at the hilt. FDLE Regional Director Colleen Manus and Bureau Chief Jennifer Starke approach the crime scene and report that they were able to ID the body from a BOLO put out on her. Bree didn't show up for a very important meeting she had with the Innocence Project. Jennifer adds that Bree contacted them a week prior, saying that she had new evidence that would exonerate inmate Logan Barrett, who is in prison for the murder of his ex-wife, Susan. Jim is confused about why the Innocence Project would have called the cops just because someone didn't show up for a meeting, but Manus says that Barrett is due to be executed in four days. Remembering the case, Carlos says that Barrett was convicted even though his wife's body was never found. This takes Jim by surprise, but Jennifer explains that overwhelming forensic evidence is what convicted him; they found him at his home, his clothes covered with blood. A bloody knife with his fingerprints all over it was found shoved under the couch he was passed out on. Manus says the prosecution was able to convict Barrett without a body because the blood on his clothes and the knife matched his wife's DNA and there were witnesses that said he was ranging drunk at a bar the night she disappeared. Jim thinks it's amusing that their "air tight" case against Barrett wasn't so air tight after all. Jennifer maintains that they got it right the first time, but Manus still wants Jim to go over the case again and use it to either find Susan's body or a connection between her murder and Bree's murder. Jim suggests that they start by talking to the original arresting officer. Manus points to the name at the bottom of a report she's holding. Jim's expression changes entirely.

In his prison cell, Mike Ogletree types away on a laptop. His cell opens and he looks over to see Jim standing inside with him. After the two men stare at each other for a moment, Ogletree breaks the silence, sarcastically greeting his old partner and reminding him they haven't seen each other since Jim testified against him at his murder trial. Jim scans over Ogletree's books, reading off the titles: Badge of Death, Murder Me Bloody. Apparently, the murderer has been busy writing crime novels while behind bars. Ogletree scoffs at the fact that Jim thinks he's the "brilliant, misunderstood homicide detective" that he writes about in his books. Jim snaps back, saying he is the one who arrested Ogletree for chopping up his wife and feeding her to an alligator and that he must have made up clues in the Barrett case just like he makes them up in his books. But Ogletree says it was an obvious slam-dunk case. Jim shows him a picture of Bree and tells him that she was murdered and whether he recognizes her. Was she connected to Barrett's case? He replies, "maybe" but asks what's in it for him if he cooperates. Jim says he must want to regain some semblance of his reputation and help save an innocent man from the gallows. But Ogletree thinks his reputation helps him inside prison, which is where he'll be spending the rest of his life. Jim tells him that there has to be something he would like from outside the prison walls that would make his life a little brighter. Ogletree considers this and says he'd like to see Gidget, his wife's old dog. Even though he hated Gidget when he was a free man, he kind of misses her now.

In the prison yard, Barrett tells Jim that he did not kill his ex-wife and has no recollection of that night. He somehow got blind drunk at the bar and then woke up with blood all over his shirt and cops pounding on his door. Barrett also doesn't recognize Bree from her picture. Jim informs him that Bree had information that might exonerate him, but that they don't know what that information is because she was murdered. Barrett tells Jim that his and Susan's marriage was fine until she took a job as an officer manager at a plastic surgery center. Once she saw how rich people lived, nothing he did was good enough. She wanted a divorce and Barrett was going to need to give her half his salary as alimony. Jim points out that was a good motive for murder. But Barrett says that the day before Susan went missing, she told him she was getting remarried and shoved a big diamond ring in his face. That meant Barrett wouldn't have to continue alimony payments. This lead was something Ogletree never followed up on.

Back at the station, Jennifer tells Jim that Ogletree's failure to follow up on Barrett's claim hardly justifies letting him out of prison to help with the case. But Manus gives Jim the OK and tells Jennifer that Jim's little stunts, like this one, are part of the reason why the substation's arrest rate is so high. Jennifer agrees to push the remand through. Jim asks her to have Daniel figure out where Gidget is.

Carlos and Jim greet a cuffed Ogletree as he steps outside the prison gates. He asks for Gidget, but Jim ignores his request and asks about Bree. Ogletree says that on the night of Susan's murder, Barrett was seen at his favorite bar chatting up some woman and bad-mouthing his ex-wife. That woman was Bree. The bartender said that Bree was a dancer at a bikini bar. Ogletree admits to not speaking with her during the investigation because he "didn't see the point." Besides, the next morning they found Barrett at home, hungover with blood all over his shirt, and the murder weapon underneath him. What more did they need? Carlos says a body to autopsy would have been nice.

Jim, Carlos, and Ogletree arrive at Barrett's boarded up house. Ogletree flips through a file while Jim asks him why he never followed up on the claim that Barrett's wife was getting remarried. Ogletree doesn't seem concerned. Just because Barrett said it doesn't make it true. Jim points out that if Barrett wasn't on the hook for alimony anymore, he wouldn't have a reason to kill her. Ogletree questions why a grieving fiancé never came forward and tells them that he felt the case was closed the moment they caught Barrett literally red-handed. Carlos says that a guy Barrett's size would have needed to consume a lot of alcohol to have blacked out. How much did he have to drink? Did Ogletree check his bar tab? He didn't. Frustrated with his incompetence, Jim asks Ogletree what he actually did to investigate. Ogletree waves his hands, telling Jim it would be a little easier to help without the cuffs. Much to Carlos' dismay, Jim takes them off and Ogletree briefs them. On the day of the investigation, he arrived at Barrett's home before Carlos and the crime techs and, since the street was jammed packed with cars and he couldn't get a van through, he had an old car on the street towed. Jim and Carlos stop him there, completely stunned that he left out this important piece of information and that he didn't consider that the car was important enough to check out. Ogletree stares at both of them, not realizing the big deal.

At the municipal tow yard, Jim asks Daniel over the the phone if there are any updates on Gidget's whereabouts. Daniel tells him tracking down the dog is harder than he thought. She was adopted by an officer after Ogletree's arrest, but then he got a divorce and gave the dog back to the county animal shelter. The adoption records were destroyed in a hurricane. Jim says to keep looking. Jim and Carlos walk up to a beat up Buick. Jim says the car belonged to Barrett's stepfather, who willed it to Barrett. It was a clunker, so he probably kept it on the street and only occasionally used it. With him in prison, there was no one left to claim it. Jim pops open the trunk to reveal a skeleton in ripped and bloody women's clothes. He carefully lifts the skeleton's hand, where a huge diamond ring rests on her ring finger. Barrett was telling the truth. Susan was engaged. Jim points out, with a ring that big, someone had a reason to kill her.

At the hospital, Miranda pulls aside Callie and tells her that there's a man there who wants to speak with her. Collier Weiss introduces himself and tells her that he's in the middle of a corruption case against a country tax assessor, Jason Elkins, and came across her name. She tells him that she owed $15,000 in back taxes she thought her ex-husband had paid, and that Elkins came up with a payment plan to help her. Weiss tells her that Elkins has been under investigation for trying to trade sexual favors for tax breaks and asked if she had a similar experience with him. Callie looks concerned, as if something did transpire between the two, but shakes her head. Knowing she's hiding something, Weiss gives her his card and tells her to call him if she has any information.

At the lab, Carlos, Jim, Manus, and Jennifer stand over the skeleton found in the car, which Carlos has identified as Susan Barrett from the serial numbers on her silicone breast implants. He says he found a fragment of metal in her fourth cervical vertebra, which is a match to the knife they found in Barrett's house. Jennifer congratulates the team. Now that they proved Barrett did commit the murder, they can return Ogletree to prison. Jim tells her that the size of the ring on Susan's finger strongly suggests that Barrett was telling the truth. They also tracked down Barrett's bar tab receipt, which revealed that he only had five beers to drink that night, hardly enough to make a man his size black out unless it was spiked with something. Jim tells the team that whoever set Barrett up for murder probably killed Bree to keep her quiet. Carlos says they took a sample of Barrett's blood at the time of the arrest, which he's now testing for drugs. Daniel approaches the group and says he discovered an odd fact when he traced Susan Barrett's implants to the manufacturer; she got her implants from Dr. Brett Denning, the plastic surgeon she worked for, free of charge since her insurance didn't cover it. Jim heads out to follow this new lead and hands Daniel the ring, telling him to find out where it came from and who bought it.

Ogletree and Jim arrive at a high-end medical clinic with travertine floors, leather furniture, and a waiting room full of beautiful women. Denning joins them near the receptionist's desk when he notices a stain on the floor and yells at his receptionist to take care of it immediately. His practice is based on perfection and it wouldn't look good if his waiting room wasn't perfect as well. Jim shows him a picture of Bree and tells him that they think she was murdered by the same person who killed his office manager, Susan, five years prior. Jim says he knows he conspired to commit insurance fraud with her help. Denning shows them into his office and assures them that he didn't sign off on Susan's insurance forms. He hands Ogletree his license so he could compare signatures and says it is possible Susan forged his signature on the paperwork and fudged the insurance on her own. Jim asks him about Susan's fiancé and suggests to that perhaps he and Susan's relationship continued outside the office. Denning laughs, and tells him that wasn't the case. When asked if she had any enemies, he said her husband, of course, and Alexis Cane, a frequent patient of his. Alexis didn't like Susan because of her beauty and youth, something she strived for. Because of that, Alexis used to give her a hard time over billing. She could be a real monster if she didn't get what she wanted.

Old Times Ogletree

Jima and Mike Ogletree arrive at the docks.

Jim and Ogletree approach a dock, where a stunning 40-foot boat sits. Ogletree says he spoke with Susan's friends and they all said her husband murdered her. A young, shirtless man, Ryan Jessup, steps out from inside the boat, telling them not to step on the deck because he just put down a coat of stain that's still drying. Jim flashes his badge and asks for Alexis. Ryan tells them she's tanning on the bow, which should be dry by now; they can go ahead and find her.

Old Times One

Jim and Mike talk to Alexis.

Looking at the photo on Jim's phone, Alexis tells them that she's never met or heard of Bree and has no idea what Bree or Susan's death has to do with her. Jim nods to Ogletree to wander the deck while Alexis continues. She admits to not getting along with Susan, especially since she was pretty sure she used to go through her purse and take money while she was getting treatments. She had also doubled billed her before. Ogletree spies something in an open tackle box: a gleaming fishing knife with a serrated edge. Alexis says everybody knows Susan was murdered by her husband. Jim takes the knife and tells Alexis that, since she swears she doesn't have anything to do with the murders, then she shouldn't mind if they take the knife.

On a large monitor, Carlos stares at the magnified image of the knife and tells Jim and Ogletree that the serrated edge appears to be similar to the wounds that killed Bree, but that they still have to test the blood that was found on the hilt near the knife's cross guard. He's testing it right now. Ogletree says it's not the knife that killed Susan because he recovered that from Barrett's house. He says if they could link the knife they just found to Bree's murder, it won't directly link it to Susan's murder, but it will link the killer of both women through the same modus operandi. Daniel walks into the lab says he still hasn't tracked down Gidget, but reports that Barrett's blood test came back positive for a lot of Rohypnol, otherwise known as Ruffies. He was definitely drugged. Also the diamond in Susan's ring had a jeweler's etching on it, which Daniel was able to track. The jeweler remembers selling the diamond 10 years ago — but not as an engagement ring — to Alexis Cane.

In the interrogation room, Alexis tells Jim that she has no idea how her ring ended up on Susan's finger, but maybe Susan stole it from her purse when she worked for Denning. But Jim's one step ahead of her. He asks why she never filed an insurance claim on the ring. She doesn't answer. Jim says it's because she knew Ryan gave it to Susan because he was in love with her and asked her to marry him. Alexis admits she and Ryan have a complicated relationship, but says that he loves her and would never cheat on her. But Jim breaks out Ryan's phone records, and shows her the numerous calls between him and Susan months prior to her murder. Jim theorizes that's why Alexis had Susan killed. But Alexis says Susan was just one of Ryan's booty calls. She should never have bought Ryan the boat (a "chick magnet"), but assures Jim she had nothing to do with any murder. She also doesn't know who Bree is. Manus walks in and tells Jim that Alexis' attorney has arrived.

In the lab, Carlos tells Jim that Susan's breast implants weren't her first. She had implants before and, according to the discoloring of her rib, they leaked and she had them replaced. He also determined Bree's time of death was between 8 and 10 p.m. two nights ago and cause of death was a stab wound. Interestingly, Bree and Susan both had implants that were not damaged in either of their murders and Denning performed both of their surgeries.

At Denning's clinic, a janitor attempts to scrub the stain out of the floor as Ogletree and Jim walk in. Jim confronts Denning, and says he lied about knowing Bree; they searched her financials and noticed that there was never a payment made to him or his clinic for breast implants. Ogletree suggests maybe Denning was giving Bree the implants in exchange for her drugging Barrett to set him up for murder. Suddenly remembering, Denning walks over to a brochure and tells them that Bree was a wannabe model who agreed to appear as the before-and-after subject in it in exchange for the procedure. Jim hands Denning a warrant for Bree's medical records and asks for an alibi the night of her murder. Denning says he was at a Plastic Surgeon Association dinner in Boca all night and 50 of his colleagues can confirm it.

Outside of the clinic, Jim calls Daniel, asking him if he's had any luck tracking down Gidget. Daniel says the dog was adopted by a retired pilot, but after he died she was returned to Animal Services. Manus takes the phone from Daniel and reminds Jim that Ogletree is a convicted murderer and to be careful with him. He tells her not to worry; he can read Ogletree like a book. He walks toward him asking if he finally has anything to contribute to the case. Ogletree tells him that he finally remembers the name of the bar Barrett used to frequent, a name he failed to write down in his files during his initial investigation. It's the same bar where Bree used to work.

Jim's car pulls up to the front of a bikini bar called Coconuts. Ogletree says that Barrett told him that this was the bar he was drinking at the night his wife was killed. Then later he saw Bree on surveillance video there. That tells him that either Bree followed him or met him there. Jim adds that it's possible another one of their suspects met him there. Noticing that Callie is calling him, he gestures for Ogletree to go inside without him. Jim answers the phone and Callie tells him about the situation with Elkins. She says she's concerned about helping with the investigation because Miranda is already on her case about the other distractions in her life; testifying against Elkins would just be another one. He tells her that she has to do what's right for her, not somebody else. Whatever she decides, he has her back. They hang up, and Jim heads inside the bar. He walks past bikini dancers to find Ogletree in the back room, standing over a video recorder and stack of cassettes. He tells Jim he's looking to see if there's surveillance video of Bree, or someone else, slipping Barrett the Ruffies at the bar. Jim steps closer to a wall filled with photos when he finds one of Ryan on stage with Bree, slipping cash into her bikini top strap. He takes the photo and turns around to see Ogletree standing behind him with a gun. Ogletree takes Jim's gun and pushes him out the back door. Ogletree laughs, thinking he finally outsmarted Jim. He says this wasn't the bar Barrett went to that night, but he remembered from reporting to disturbance calls that the bar kept a gun in the back room. Before he can move forward, Jim stops and turns to face him as FDLE agents screech to a halt around them. Ogletree is stunned into silence, as Jim takes the gun away, and the police officers move in. He knew Ogletree would pull something like this and was one step ahead of him.

Deputies throw Ogletree into a cell. He apologizes to Jim, saying it was a stupid move to pull but he was angry because Jim was always ignoring or talking over him. And now he can't help Barrett, who he now feels is innocent. He's going to die for Ogletree's mistakes. Jim says he stuck his neck out for him because he thought somewhere deep inside he might still be a good cop. He hands Ogletree the files, telling him that he gets one more chance to prove him right.

Inside the station, Jennifer and Manus approach Jim. He tells them to save the "I told you sos" because he knew Ogletree was going to try something stupid eventually. But stupid or not, he helped Jim link Ryan to Bree. Manus says they discovered the blood found on the knife on Ryan's boat matches Bree's.

In the interrogation room, Ryan admits to knowing Bree and taking her out on his boat a couple of times, but that was the extent of their relationship. He hadn't seen her in months. Jim says Ryan lied about knowing Bree because if Alexis found out he cheated on her with Susan and Bree, then he'd lose all the money she gives him and his boat. That's why he needed to kill them. But Ryan maintains that he did not kill either of them. He loved Susan. But Jim theorizes that Susan found out he took the ring from Alexis and then realized he was just as big a "loser" as Barrett. She threatened to tell Alexis so he smooth talked Bree into drugging Barrett and framing him for Susan's murder. He says as Barrett's execution grew closer, Bree grew a conscience, so Ryan needed to silence her as well. Jim shows him the knife that was found on his boat. Bree's blood was found on it. He tells Jim that the knife isn't his and he wouldn't be surprised if Alexis framed him for her murder because she was jealous. Jim asks for an alibi and Ryan tells him that he was staining his boat Friday night because he had to do it at night, out of the sun. He didn't have anything better to do that night anyway; the engine was suddenly down. This gets Jim's attention.

Carlos sits on Ryan's boat, enjoying the sun and a chance for a little relaxation, while Jim pulls apart the boat's engine. He pulls out the manifold and examines it; it was definitely sabotaged.

Old Times Jim Carlos

Jim tells Carlos the boat has been sabatoged.

Jim and Jennifer stand in Jim's office with the manifold in front of them. He tells her that dumping sugar into a gas engine causes the intake filter to seize, and that's exactly what happened to this one. Distracted by the grease smudge on Jim's face, she rubs it off just as Daniel walks into the room, catching them in a slightly awkward moment. Daniel reports Denning's alibi checked out and that he looked at Alexis' credit card statements as well. He hands Jim the file, who immediately notices that Alexis bought five pounds of sugar the day before Bree was murdered. Jim guesses that Alexis poured it into Ryan's engine so he couldn't take Bree out anymore. Daniel says this would make sense since Alexis' father made his fortune on tune up and lube franchisees, so she probably knows about engines. He also points out that if Alexis did kill Bree, it wasn't on the boat. Carlos' test on the teak came up negative for any blood. Jennifer says she likes their theory, but it's still not enough to hold the execution. Jim assures her that it may not be yet, but it does prove the lengths Alexis would go to stop Ryan's infidelity.

Callie approaches Miranda at the nurse's station and tells her that she's going to need a few hours off the following day for a personal matter. Miranda asks her what kind of "personal matter," but Callie shoots her a look and Miranda realizes she went too far. Callie decides to volunteer the information, and explains her situation to Miranda, who's shockingly sympathetic and tells Callie to take as much time as she needs.

Ogletree sits in his cell, going over the case files when Jim approaches. He tells Jim that he found a statement from the Innocence Project that stated in order to protect Bree's identity they weren't releasing her name to the public. He gets up and searches for the paper, when Jim notices that it's stuck to the bottom of his shoe. Ogletree hands Jim the statement, who then turns it over, noticing something. He looks on the floor of the holding cell and follows tracks on the floor of the substation. He shows Ogletree the shoe-print stain that's on the back of the statement. He realizes it's teak stain. It's now time for them to stop an execution and catch the real killer.

A digital recorder sits in front of Callie as she gives her deposition. Weiss sits across from her as she explains that she felt alone, vulnerable, and scared when her husband was in prison and she couldn't account for their stated income on their joint tax returns, which she signed. Elkins warned her that the discrepancy could result in criminal charges against her. He said he wouldn't refer the matter for prosecution if she agreed to have sex with him, which she didn't do. Weiss says, for the record, that Callie has been given immunity for perjury in regards to any tax fines or returns she may have signed, in exchange for her deposition. Emotionally spent, Callie nods a quiet affirmation of their agreement. Weiss says this is the beginning of the end for Elkins.

In the substation hallway, Manus and Jennifer approach Jim and Ogletree. Jennifer says Jim had better be taking him back to prison. Jim says first they need to arrest the murderer, who Ogletree helped him find. Daniel hands Ogletree his shoes back and confirms that the substance found on the bottom of them was consistent with the teak stain on Ryan's boat. Also the results came back on the degradation Carlos found on Susan ribs; it was an industrial silicone, PIP-1, which was banned in 2007. He also emailed Jim the security video he asked for. Jim tells Jennifer and Manus to have the Governor's office get a stay of execution ready.

Jim and Ogletree arrive at Denning's clinic and immediately cut to the chase. Jim asks him why he uses industrial-grade silicone instead of more expensive, legal ones. Denning denies doing this. Ogletree asks him why he replaced Susan's implants for her: was it because he felt bad putting her health at risk? Interrupting him, Jim suggests it was because Susan discovered his cost-cutting scheme and rather than die or get sick from her cheap implants, she made him replace them. She then threatened to go to the American Medical Association, which would have cost him his fortune and reputation. So he killed her, then in persuaded Bree with free implants to drug Barrett's drink so he could frame him for the murder. Everyone knew Susan was fighting with Barrett over alimony, so he would be the perfect fall guy for the murder. With the execution growing closer, Bree realized what she had done and decided to come forward. She tried to urge Denning to come forward as well, so he had to kill her too. He also planted the knife on Ryan's boat to frame him for Bree's murder. After he reminds Jim of his alibi, Jim shows him the security footage from the dinner, which shows him leaving at 8:42 p.m. and slipping back in at 11:14 p.m., giving him just enough time to kill Bree, dump her body, and plant the knife. Ogletree points to the ground, saying that the stain he's been trying to get off his pristine floor is wet teak stain from the boat. Denning's face drops. He's sunk and he knows it. Two officers cart him off. Jim tells Ogletree that he held up his end of the deal, so now it's time for him to hold up his.

At a bar, Callie tells Jim over the phone about her meeting with Weiss, while simultaneously trying to carry three mugs of beer. She tells Jim it doesn't look like she'll be having any more problems with Miranda. She takes the beer over to a table where Miranda and a few other colleagues sit. Jim tells her that it sounds like she and Miranda have turned a corner, and Callie agrees, saying she clearly isn't the only woman who has dealt with a jerk in the past. They hang up and Jim turns his attention to Ogletree, who has been reunited with Gidget. It's clear that some things never change though; he and the dog still aren't on the best of terms. The doors to the prison buzz open and Barrett walks out toward Jim, thanking him for believing in him. But Jim doesn't take all of the credit, and points to Ogletree, the same man who put Barrett behind bars, and says that he had help. Ogletree apologizes for not getting it right the first time. But Barrett says he got it right now and that's all that matters. The two shake hands and walk their separate ways: Barrett to freedom and Ogletree back through the prison gates. Ogletree apologizes to Jim again for trying to run, but Jim says he would have been disappointed in him if he hadn't.

Jim walks back to his car where Jennifer is waiting for him. He tells her that with all of this work, he forgot to eat. She asks how his long-distance relationship is going. He tells her it's rock solid. She says the same about her relationship. They share a smile as they get into the car on their way to get a bite to eat.