Ray Cade Cargill was Callie's husband and Jeff's father.

In the Pilot, Callie told Jim that Ray was at Florida State Prison in Raiford for armed robbery. Ray made his first brief appearance in A Perfect Storm when he called Callie and Jeff from prison.

In Marriage is Murder, Jeff used Jim's station computer to find Ray's arrest report. It is revealed that he was charged with one count of stealing stolen property, a second degree felony, but made a plea bargain of petit theft, a first degree misdemeanor and paid $750 fine in 2007. In 2008, he was charged with first degree robbery and given a 4.5 year sentence. His booking number is 7256FL-45.

At the beginning of season two, Ray was released from prison to become a police informant, but he was soon forced to go into witness protection. Although happy that Ray seemed to be a changed man and great father to Jeff, Callie declined to follow him into witness protection and filed for divorce so she could continue growing the life and career she had made for herself in his absence.