Twenty-year-old Gabby Barken pulls up outside a grand 1920's house in Pompano Beach. She gets out, in a bikini top and cutoffs, tan skin glistening with sweat and grabs her skimmer and bucket of chlorine from the truck bed. Gabby lets herself in through the back gate of the luxurious home and heads for the pool. Seeing that nobody is home, she sets her bucket and skimmer down, then splashes into the water. She hears a "bloop" sound behind her, and screams at the sudden appearance of a dead man in a Speedo bobbing up to the surface.


The current murder victim.

Longworth is under his car attempting to change the oil while talking to Sanchez (who is at the pool snapping photos of the body) on speaker phone. Sanchez tells Longworth to hurry it up as techs cordon off the crime scene.

As he talks, Longworth's front doorbell rings. He hangs up with Sanchez and slides out from under the car. It's Callie, there to discuss the kiss that occurred between them the other night. Callie tells Longworth that he has no idea how distracting the situation is for her though he believes he does. She asks him when he was planning on calling and Longworth tells her that he thought he'd leave it up to her, since she's still married with a kid. Callie complains that she has an anatomy midterm coming up that she needs to buckle down for. Then, out of nowhere, she plants a passionate kiss on Longworth, as passionate as before. With that out of the way, she tells him she can now actually focus on her test and heads off to her car. A little dazed, Longworth tells her he's happy to have helped.

Jim Callie Kiss

Callie kisses Jim so she can focus on her studies.

Longworth squats by the pool where Sanchez measures the dead swimmer now lying face up on a plastic sheet. Longworth asks if the man drowned and Sanchez replies that it was cardiac arrest with no signs of a struggle and estimates the time of death to be 6 a.m. Sanchez explains to Longworth that when the pool cleaner jumped in the water to cool off, the movement shifted the gas in the gut of the deceased and he floated to the surface.

Longworth questions Gabby who tells him all she knows is that a guy named Chris has the key to the house and stays there a lot. The owner is never there -- she lives in Ocala, horse breeding country, and has a ton of money. Longworth gets serious with Gabby, asking her if she always mixes business with pleasure, referencing a roach he's seen in the ashtray of her truck and she tells him she's just trying to chill before law school starts. He presses her with the threat of a pot charge but she sticks to her story, suggesting Longworth talk to the owners.

Daniel Green walks up with an evidence bag of very long, coarse, chestnut brown hair. He tells Longworth found the hair in the pool skimmer and Longworth comments that it looks like horsehair. Gabby tells them that it must have fallen in the pool that morning because she had cleaned the skimmers yesterday but had run out of filters and was back today to change them. Green also found a duffel bag of clean clothes upstairs, but has not yet found the deceased's wallet and keys.

Inside the mansion, Sanchez looks at a wall of photos featuring a sexy woman and an elderly man as Longworth enters. Sanchez tells Longworth the owner of the home is Patricia Dixon, a former model from the 90s. Looking at the pictures, Longworth guesses the old man is her dead husband. As he studies the kitchen, Longworth feels a coffee pot with the back of his hand, noticing it's still warm. He also spies two cups on the dish rack. As he continues canvassing, he sees that the digital clock is flashing on and off and remarks that the power must've gone out, and decides someone must have flipped the breakers. Sanchez postulates that maybe it went out in the whole neighborhood, but Longworth counters that Gabby cleaned the pools next door and never mentioned it. Longworth considers that maybe the victim was electrocuted, which would look like a heart attack at first glance, but Sanchez tells him he already thought of that and checked for evidence, but found none. Suddenly, Longworth looks around and sees something outside.

Longworth, Sanchez, and Green stand by a wet/dry vacuum, not plugged in, off to the side of the pool. Sanchez comments that the machines are made to suck up water and Longworth adds, "But not to be submerged in it." Green chimes in that the pool water is dirty, noting to a skeptical Sanchez the warning that mineral content increases conductivity. Sanchez suggests that the death by vacuum cleaner hypothesis is plausible but highly unlikely. Still Longworth isn't sure. He opens up the Outdoor Vac's engine and water pours out.

The three walk outside. Sanchez reports that the Ocala Sheriff showed Patricia Dixon the victim's picture, whom she has identified as Kevin Kehoe, a man who used to work for her. Longworth asks if Patrica mentioned what Kevin did for her and Sanchez explains that while she didn't, he did learn that Patrica runs a breeding farm in Ocala and owns a thoroughbred named Second Chance who won the Gator Derby two weeks ago. Second Chance was a long shot win and made a lot of people rich. Longworth wonders aloud if the dead man and the prizing winning racehorse have anything to do with each other and Sanchez says he'd bet on it. As they get into Longworth's car, the engine makes a horrible grinding sound. They get out and Green checks it out. He tells Longworth it appears as though his car has a screw loose.

Longworth thanks Callie for the ride as he admires her car. Callie tells him she loves Ocala and never has a chance to get up here anymore. She explains she was a hot walker one summer in Ocala when she was 19 and she has wanted to come back for years. Longworth makes a snide comment and which indicates he knows nothing about horses. Callie tells him hot walkers help horses wind down after exercise. They arrive at the Glades Ranch, a 500-acre horse farm with hi-tech breeding facilities and emerald fields filled with chestnut-colored horses.

Jim Callie car

Jim and Callie in Callie's car.

Callie tells Longworth that thoroughbreds can trace their ancestry back to three Arabian horses from 18th century England. They also have to be conceived by live cover, or copulation, and artificial insemination is against the rules because it makes breeding too easy. She continues that because it's hard to prove a foal's lineage, when a live cover is witnessed, a vet can verify the foal's parents, crucial since breeding is all about blood stock and who sired whom.</p>

Longworth is impressed with Callie's knowledge of horses. She adds that she once wanted to be a jockey but things didn't quite work out as expected: she met Ray and had Jeff. Longworth clocks the wistfulness of the missed opportunity, when something catches Callie's eye in the nearby field. A woman is riding a stunning brown stallion in a field bordered by a white fence. Callie, stunned, tells Longworth the woman is Darcy, an old friend.

Callie talks to Darcy Owens, holding the reins of Second Chance, a spectacular two-year-old stallion that's eating grass. The two women chat and Darcy tells Callie this her first morning on him and they're just getting to know each other. She asks what brings her back and Longworth walks up from the car and introduces himself. Longworth tells her he's investigating the murder of Kevin Kehoe and Darcy is shocked. Darcy tells him Kevin ran the stable before Patricia fired him two weeks ago. When Longworth asks why Kevin was fired, Darcy tells him to talk to Patricia about it and directs him to the breeding barn.

Longworth passes workers and approaches the woman from the photographs in the mansion, Patricia Dixon. Patricia is preparing a male for breeding and talks to equine vet, Dr. William Meadows. They introduce themselves to Longworth and Meadows asks who would want to kill Kevin. Meadows receives a text message and apologizes, saying he has an emergency. Darcy asks if someone named Dosher has lost another horse, but Meadows doesn't answer. He says goodbye and wishes Longworth luck.

Patricia leads the mare to a shower stall and starts to wash her down. Longworth asks when she last saw Kevin and Patricia tells him it was two weeks ago, when she fired him. As it turns out, Kevin was her equine portfolio manager and bought and sold horses for her. Longworth questions her reasons for hiring Kevin in the first place, who she describes as "needing some seasoning" and she explains he was born a barn rat and knew everyone in town. Longworth comments that Kevin was a bit of a stud and asks if that had anything to do with his rapid rise up her corporate ladder. Patricia admits she slept with him but that it was not anything serious. She reasons that she didn't want to fire Kevin, but that his demons sometimes got the best of him. Longworth asks what she means and Patricia explains that once Second Chance won the Gator Derby, Kevin balked under all the attention, refusing to play along so she decided she could do a better job herself and ended it with Kevin on good terms with a generous severance. Longworth asks if the terms were good enough that Kevin had become her official property manager and Patricia remarks that she was in Ocala so much of the time that she didn't care if Kevin made himself at home.

As a worker puts a hobble on a mare, Patricia apologizes for the horse, being that it's in heat during their conversation. Longworth asks what the hobble does and Patricia explains it's used to keep the mare from kicking the stallion during the breeding process, which Patricia explains is dangerous for the stud. Longworth remarks that he is starting to understand that.

Callie drops off Longworth back at the station, lingering there a moment to enjoy their final moments together. Longworth offers up an awkward kiss, before realizing he's been busted as Sanchez approaches. Sanchez hands Longworth a file which explains Kevin Kehoe's liver was singed due to electrocution, pointing out that the electrocution is what triggered the cardiac arrest. He adds that whoever did it knew what they were doing. He shows Longworth a photo of a round mark on Kevin's back, a burn mark between his shoulder blades, explaining Kevin was wearing something around his neck when he was electrocuted, perhaps some sort of medallion.


Callie and Jim kiss in the car.

Sanchez continues that the tox screen on the horsehair from the pool showed that the horse had been juiced up with Winstrol, an older steroid still used by bottom feeding horse racers. The trick is they buy a gimpy horse, pump him up with cheap steroids, and run him in a claims raise. Purses are small so nobody tests the horses.</p>

At the station, Longworth and Sanchez find Green punching numbers into a desk phone. Green tells them that phone company has just given him the code to Kevin's voicemail. He hits speaker and a series of anxious messages are played. The messages are from Bill, telling Kevin they need to talk. The messages get more and more threatening as they play. The last message says, "Hey man, call me by tomorrow or I'm coming after your ass, got it?" Longworth tells Green to call the DA and get a number trace but Green hands him a paper telling Longworth he's already done it and the phone company is GPSing the number now.

Longworth and Sanchez arrive at Glades Ranch breeding barn at night and find a pickup parked under a security lamp outside the barn with a shadowy figure at the wheel. They figure it's their guy and sneak up to the truck. With his gun trained on the driver, Longworth yells for the man to get out of the car with his hands up. Equine vet William Meadows steps out and Longworth puts him on the ground and cuffs him.

In the interrogation room, Longworth grills Williams Meadows about his threatening messages. Meadows explains that he has known Kevin since he was five and that Kevin's mom was a groomer who ran off to Mexico with a jockey when he was a baby. His dad was a stable hand with a Vicodin problem who overdosed when Kevin was sixteen. Meadows tells Longworth that they all got him jobs but the kid loved to party. Meadows continues that he keeps an office at Dosher Ranch: the biggest breeding barn in Ocala where they are hosting the annual Blood Stock Auction this weekend which auctions breeding rights to the best studs in the world. Kevin asked Meadows to get him in so he could network. That night, Meadows explains, somebody broke into his office and stole Valium, Ketamine, Boldenone, a steroid, and Butorphanol, a synthetic narcotic. Meadows explains he has a DEA audit next week and that if he didn't report the theft, he'd lose his license. Longworth asks if he thought Kevin robbed him. Meadows tells Longworth that Kevin was broke and the stuff he stole is gold on the street. He says he tried to call Kevin but Kevin blew him off, so naturally he got mad and called Agent Dyson at the DEA, adding that he didn't want Kevin to get in trouble. Longworth buys his story for the moment.

In the lab room, Longworth finds Green taking apart a robot pool skimmer. Longworth tells him he needs to call Agent Dyson at DEA about a drug theft at Dosher Ranch and pull Kevin's financials. Green tells Longworth he's taking apart a solar powered robot skimmer from Patricia's pool but it's jammed. Longworth solves the problem by smashing it open with a rubber mallet. He reaches in and finds a silver chain in the gears. He pulls it out and finds a gold coin hanging on the end. It's a sobriety chip for being clean for two years.

In the autopsy room, Longworth watches as Sanchez lays the chip on the mark on Kevin's naked back. It fits like a puzzle piece. Sanchez concludes that it must've fallen off when Kevin was electrocuted. Green comes in and tells Longworth the DEA confirmed the theft and reckons it looks legit. Longworth suggests it sounds too legit and Kevin wouldn't swim with a sobriety chip around his neck unless he was actually sober. Sanchez suggests that perhaps he was sober and just sold the drugs on the street like Meadows had said. Green adds in that Kevin was in a lot of debt and the collection agency was coming for his car any day. He hands a file to Longworth, who notes that Kevin had a brand new Mustang and believes that if he had actually sold the drugs, he would have paid off his car. Longworth and Sanchez speculate that maybe Meadows is a dirty vet who's lying and blaming a dead guy to scrub his scripts.

Longworth reads a credit card statement. He sees forty-two dollars to "Lyle Diagnostics." Sanchez tells him it's a lawsuit lab that sells cheap drug tests in the back of magazines. Green postulates that maybe Kevin was getting tested to prove he was clean, but Longworth suggests that he was looking for something else; something that killed him.

Callie and Longworth walk through a cheap apartment complex inhabited by Ocala's working class horse people. Longworth asks Callie how someone would fix a horse race. Callie tells him there are a million ways: vets use steroids, stimulants, and dope the horses with EPO, a kidney hormone that increases red blood cells so they can run faster and longer. Longworth comments that it explains how a long shot won the Gator Derby and why Meadows was really threatening Kevin. Callie tells him the problem is that the state tests for EPO before and after a big race. She suggests maybe Kevin knew something the state didn't. Longworth asks what would happen if he could prove Second Chance's blood was dirty and she tells him Meadows would lose his license and Patricia would lose a lot of money.

Longworth and Callie stand outside Kevin's apartment with the manager's key ring. He unlocks the three deadbolts. Longworth finds a digital frame that loops pictures of Kevin with friends, including one of Callie's friend Darcy and puts it in his evidence bag. Callie tells him that the people on top and the barn rats usually don't mix and that Darcy must have been slumming while she was hurt. She mentions that Darcy fell in a race in Maryland a few years ago and shattered her shoulder and confidence, but that she's healthy again and was a rising star at one point.

Longworth steps into the kitchen and sees a newspaper clipping, a car ad stuck to the freezer door with a magnet. He flips it over to find a newspaper article about Second Chance winning the Gator Derby. He suggests somebody knocked it off when in a hurry. Longworth opens the freezer and removes a plastic freezer bag filled with cylinders of dry ice, which Callie speculates was used to keep something cold if he had to run. There's also Styrofoam, the kind used to transport stored blood.

Longworth finds a piece of stationery on the floor by the side of the fridge and inside are two tickets to the Ocala Blood Stock auction. On the stationary, there's a simple note which reads "See you Saturday. Dying to catch up. W.D." Longworth and Callie look bewildered.

Longworth arrives at the auction barn at Dosher Ranch. Wallace Dosher is an older Southern gentleman. Longworth shows him the note found in Kevin's apartment. He asks what he was dying to catch up on and Dosher tells him simply horse talk.

Dosher leads Longworth through the auction barn hallway where workers set up for Saturday's Blood Stock Auction. Longworth tells Dosher that Dr. Meadows said Kevin robbed his drug safe. Dosher tells him it's Meadows' safe. He adds that Meadows' grandfather was his grandfather's vet and Longworth remarks that Dosher keeps it all in the family. Dosher counters that blood is all you can trust.

Longworth asks if Dosher built all this, referring to the fancy barn and ranch. Dosher points to a trophy case with a saddle and bridle next to a painting of a magnificent horse telling Longworth, "No sir, he did." He shows Longworth a sign below the painting that reads "Kingmaker. The Sire of Sires," telling him that the horse, Kingmaker, won ten million in races, sired twenty stakes winners and made twenty-five million in fees in one year, a record that will never be broken. Longworth browses through a horse catalogue, asking Dosher if he made more money in breeding than racing. Dosher explains that a good horse wins a big race and may win a million dollars, but after he turns four, when he's done, you can put him out to stud and sell his cover for fifty thousand a pop. A good stallion can cover a hundred mares a year. A true stud, like Kingmaker, can make three-hundred thousand a cover.

Dosher gets a little emotional over the animal's loss and explains he was out of the country when he left them and never got to say goodbye and that Second Chance can't stand in Kingmakers shoes. Longworth finds Second Chance's name in the catalogue and sees Patricia's asking price is three-hundred thousand a cover. If she gets her asking price, Dosher gets 10%, Longworth comments it's a pretty good stake in a horse he doesn't own. Dosher tells Longworth that Second Chance will lose and true champions are born and not made. Dosher continues that Second Chance's sire was Miami Joe who got sold for dog food, noting again that blood doesn't lie. Longworth adds, "Unless it's doped," reminding Dosher that he'd lose a lot of money if Second Chance cheated at the Gator Derby. Longworth asks if that's what Dosher and Kevin were going to catch up on. Dosher smiles at him, telling Longworth he talked to an old cop friend of his and heard Longworth got shot in the ass, reminding him of his view that character is everything. Longworth counters that he thought Dosher was just a rich old blowhard but a guy like him doesn't check out a guy like Longworth unless he's hiding something. Dosher tells them they're through talking.

Callie hangs up her phone as Longworth walks over. Longworth tells Callie he thinks Dosher is involved in the murder but doesn't know how. Callie tells him that she just had Darcy on the phone and they made plans to go riding tomorrow at 4 a.m. Longworth can't believe she'd go so early and Callie tells him it helps get the horses warmed up for the day.

A truck drives by carrying a large shape draped in a tarp. Longworth looks at the shape, remembering what Patricia said to Meadows in the breeding barn about Dosher losing another horse. He asks Callie if it's possible to insure a racehorse. Callie tells him that most owners have mortality insurance, just in case something happens. Longworth asks if there is ever insurance fraud and Callie says she's heard rumors but that you'd have to be really evil to kill a horse for the money. She adds that it would have to look like natural causes and asks if he wants to know how, warning that it's pretty gross.

Longworth waits as a miserable, smelly Sanchez emerges from the autopsy room. Longworth and the lab workers cover their noses with their t-shirts. Sanchez tells him he's a bastard for making him exhume a horse from the back of the rendering truck, however, he was right, the horse didn't die of colic. He was electrocuted, like Kevin Kehoe.

In the interrogation room, Longworth grills a smug Dosher, telling him that while his farm went public two years ago, since Kingmaker died he has had no winners which means his stocks are worth almost nothing. He hands Dosher headlines from a trade publication, noting that his last three, now four, best horses finished out of the money in stakes races which means they're worthless to stud. Two weeks later, each died of colic but "luckily" they were heavily insured, meaning they were worth more dead than alive. Dosher is unimpressed and asks what this has to do with Kevin Kehoe. Longworth explains that he found evidence suggesting that Kevin stored something genetic in his freezer: perhaps tissue that proved Dosher killed his horses to commit insurance fraud, and when Dosher found out about what Kevin had, he electrocuted him just like he electrocuted his horses.

Longworth tosses Sanchez's lab report on the table, explaining that they've exhumed Kingston, Dosher's horse who died two years ago, and found burn marks on his ears and tail. Dosher suggests the burns are from mange and adds that an objective expert like the head of equine physiology at A&M will likely shoot down his claims, adding that the insurance investors have paid them anyway. Dosher also remarks that he knows something Longworth doesn't: Kevin Kehoe was scamming Patricia Dixon. Dosher explains that Kevin got his buddies to bid up worthless horses at auction and would then pay double or triple what they were worth and get a kickback. Longworth asks if any of these worthless horses were Dosher's and Dosher tells him Patricia deserved it. Longworth tells him he thinks Dosher hates having a woman crash his "old white guy club" and now Second Chance is Patricia's very own Kingmaker and his barn's on the ropes. Dosher asks if Longworth is going to charge him or what.

Back at the barn, Patricia tells Longworth she knew exactly what Kevin was doing. She says she came in as an outsider, walled out by angry old men like Dosher. The only way she could get a seat at the table was to let them take her money. Longworth remarks that she's now at the table, so why sell Second Chance's breeding rights at such a young age. He asks if she's hiding an injury on the horse. Patricia denies this and tells him that people love Second Chance's legend and how he has overcome humble origins. Longworth comments, "like you," telling Patricia this is all about her and if she gets her asking price at the auction, Second Chance will be worth thirty million a year in stud fees. If he becomes a sire of sires, Second Chance will be worth $300 million in his lifetime, a hundred more than Kingmaker. Longworth notes that there is only one problem with this scenario, Second Chance was Kevin's victory, not hers. He bought Miami Joe, Second Chance's dad (a horse everybody but Kevin thought was worthless) and sired a champion. Patricia questions if Longworth thinks she killed Kevin out of ego. Longworth tells her that she's paid millions of dollars to show a bunch of rich white guys she's smarter than they are, so why not kill Kevin, especially if he was shaking her down for some reason. Patricia asks what reason that would be. Longworth replies that he doesn't know...yet.

At Glades Ranch, Darcy and Callie, wearing a fleece riding jackets, tie their horses up and undo their tackle after a morning ride. Darcy asks how Callie's relationship ended with Ray and Callie asks if Darcy was dating Kevin. Darcy explains that their fathers worked together and she was like a big sister to him, but now that she has Second Chance, she doesn't have time for anyone else anyway. Callie asks if there's any way she could get her into the auction tonight and Darcy says sure, she will be there showing Second Chance and will make sure Callie gets in.

At the station, Longworth sits at Green's desk where two monitors have been rigged up side by side to expedite the screening of Kevin's video collection. Green explains that the videos are both from Gator Derby Races. He tells Longworth to guess which horse is Second Chance and hits play. In both races, the winning horse is ahead by a mile. Longworth tells him they're both Second Chance. Green says Longworth is wrong and that one horse is Kingmaker in 1994. He explains Kevin had hours of video on both horses and he'd wondered why, but once he started watching him, he realized that the two horses are identical, not only how they run, but the way they run: just fast enough to make sure no one gets ahead of them. He adds that this is why Second Chance was such a long shot in the Gator Derby, because he'd only run against weaker horses, never put up fast times, but once he ran with the big boys, he rose to the occasion, just like Kingmaker.

Sanchez joins the men, holding a file. He shows them the lab report, a paternity test for a horse. The tests show that Patient X is not related to Patient Y. To protect confidentiality, the lab doesn't identify the patients, which means the only person who can identify who is Patient X and who is Patient Y is Kevin, the dead guy. Longworth says he knows who they are. Patient X is Second Chance and Patient Y is Miami Joe. He tells them Kingmaker is actually the father of Second Chance.

Sanchez is confused, reminding them that Dosher refused to let Kingmaker cover Patricia's mares. Longworth explains that it was done by artificial insemination and that maybe Patricia paid Dr. Meadows to steal Kingmaker's sperm before he died, then say Miami Joe was the sire since she'd offered Dosher a million bucks to breed with Kingmaker. Green counters that Miami Joe is dead and asks how Kevin could have gotten his DNA for the test. Longworth tells him that since Kevin managed the barn, he kept a strand of Miami Joe's tail or mane from a groomer's brush. Kevin grew up in the business and knew what kind of ruthless bastards he was dealing with and wasn't taking any chances. Sanchez says if he's right, it would mean that Second Chance is not a true thoroughbred and if that got out, Patricia's thirty-million dollar stud would be worth nothing, a secret worth killing for. Longworth notes that the only problem is they have no proof.


Jim and Callie at the ranch.

Longworth and Callie talk in hushed tones as they walk towards the auction barn with other guests. He explains to her what they found in the lab and remarks that Kevin could have used the information on Second Chance to blackmail Patricia or Dr. Meadows, or sell it to Dosher who could have killed Kevin rather than pay for the information. Callie asks how Longworth will know who the killer is and Longworth tells her to sit back and watch. At this point Callie notices three FHP Trooper cars parked along the lane and stops walking. Callie is angry that Longworth used her invitation for his job. She explains that she has waited fifteen years for a chance to come to one of these. Longworth promises not to ruin it for her.

At the event, the auction is already under way. Longworth immediately spots Patricia and tells Callie he'll catch up with her later. Longworth tells Patricia he's here to see Dosher's reaction when Second Chance breaks Kingmaker's breeding record and Patricia tells him it's been a long time coming and is going to savor every minute of it. Then, she walks away to join Dr. Meadows in the stands.

Longworth finds Callie sitting among a gallery of bidders, noting how she admires them. He asks her if she wishes she could turn back the clock and go back to working with horses but she says she's enjoying where her life is headed. Finally, it is Second Chance's turn and guests react as Darcy leads Second Chance into the auction ring. Callie admires the horse out loud and turns to Longworth, but he's already gone.

Patricia stands with Dr. Meadows on the dais, as Dosher whets the crowd's appetite for Second Chance. "Winner of the Gator Derby in record time...bidding begins at three-hundred thousand dollars. What do I hear?" Longworth butts in. "That you're under arrest." Longworth steps forward with State Troopers behind him. He adds, "Along with Patricia Dixon and Dr. William Meadows." He explains it's a warrant for conspiracy to commit fraud. Darcy refuses to hand over the reins to the veterinarian from the FDLE. She asks why he's taking her horse and Longworth tells her for evidence, in the murder of Kevin Kehoe.

Darcy walks up to the police car, livid, with Callie behind her, just as angry. Callie tells Longworth he's humiliating her and everyone else, to say nothing of the stress he's putting on Second Chance and if the horse gets hurt, Longworth is looking at a thirty-million dollar lawsuit. She convinces him to let Darcy go with Second Chance to the FDLE barn in Gainesville keep him calm.

Longworth bags Kingmaker's saddle and bit as evidence and gives it to Green. Green asks Longworth if he thinks he'll be able to get DNA off the items and Longworth tells him it doesn't matter, and adds that Green should walk by the trooper's car on the way to their truck. Longworth finds Sanchez watching a laptop in a corner, surveying footage of the three conspirators snapping at each other in the State Trooper's car. Longworth reassures Sanchez that the surveillance is completely legal; the Supreme Court ruled there's no expectation of privacy in the back of a cop car and that they'll be able to use whatever they say in court.

On the video, Dr. Meadows sees Daniel Green walk past with the horse's evidence, realizing that the cops know about Second Chance. Dosher asks what Kingmaker has to do with Second Chance. Meadows explains that Kingmaker sired Second Chance and he had harvested him while Dosher was away. Dosher rephrases, "You stole his sperm?" Dosher is angry and shocked. "After all I've done for you..." Meadows fights back. "After all I've done for you. Cleaning up after years of you killing horses?"

Longworth and Sanchez continue to watch the tape, though the fight has dissolved into mostly bickering. Longworth tells Sanchez they have enough evidence to arrest Dosher for insurance fraud and Patricia for intent to defraud investors and bets Meadows will testify against both. Sanchez asks who killed Kevin but Longworth isn't sure and explains that he still has one more piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit yet: the horsehair from the pool. Longworth says that when he finds who it belongs to, he'll know who the killer is.

At home, Callie is studying for her anatomy midterm. Longworth walks in and apologizes for the previous night, telling her about the charges they are pressing against Dosher, but notes that there is still one piece of the puzzle left. He spots Callie's fleecy hoodie on the back of a chair. It has a logo, Arkin Ranch, that he doesn't recognize. Longworth asks her where she got it. She says that it was freezing the other morning when she and Darcy went riding and Darcy loaned it to her. He asks if Arkin Ranch is a big stable. Callie says that they run mostly claim races. Longworth offers to drop the hoodie by Darcy's place today when he's in Ocala. He explains he has to get more evidence from Second Chance.

Longworth arrives that the same apartment complex where Kevin lived. He knocks on Darcy's door and she tells him she doesn't have time for him. He tells her he talked to the FDLE's veterinarian doctor and says she was a big help last night with Second Chance. She stops the door, curious at the mention of Second Chance. He asks if he can get a glass of water. He hands her the sweatshirt and apologizes for being a pain in the ass. He walks into her apartment, sparsely furnished but with a few photos and jockey trophies, mementos of the past. He tells her that he didn't know she and Kevin were neighbors and she tells him a lot of horse people live there because they can rent month by month. She goes to the kitchen sink and pours him a glass of water.

Longworth tells her the cheap month-to-month rent makes sense, given that the business is feast or famine and plus she's a woman jockey with a bum shoulder. "You haven't been a contender for years, have you? Matter of fact, weren't you riding claim races last week?" She hands him the glass. He continues, noting it's amazing that she even got to ride Second Chance, especially since she wasn't on him for the Gator Derby, and remarks that it seems weird to switch riders after a big win.

Darcy ignores him and tells him she needs to get back to work. Longworth reaches for the freezer for some ice and Darcy cuts him off. She tells him she's out of ice and used it all on her shoulder. This confirms his suspicion. He sees a familiar newspaper clipping of Second Chance on Darcy's fridge. He comments that Kevin had the same clipping on his fridge. He tells her that he found dry ice in Kevin's freezer, which meant he had something in there that needed to be kept frozen. Like, say, a vial of million dollar horse semen, which wasn't there. "Because it's in your freezer, isn't it?"

Darcy takes the glass from him and tells him he needs to leave. Longworth continues, noting that Darcy and Kevin were close enough for him to tell her about Second Chance's paternity test. Darcy wanted in on that deal, knowing that if she had Kingmaker's "shot," she could call her own shot, like riding Second Chance: a horse that would make her a star again. Darcy tells him that he can't prove any of it. Longworth tells her that he proved enough to get a search warrant. Hearing this, Darcy tries to deflect, claiming Kevin gave her the sperm to keep safe while he tried to blackmail Patricia into giving him a share of Second Chance. She continues that Kevin wanted credit because the whole thing was his idea since he knew Patricia needed better blood stock and that if her barn could get a good horse, a stud, it would make a name for him too.

Darcy explains that Patricia wanted all the glory for herself and when he threatened to go public, she killed him. Longworth tells her the story makes sense, except for the fact that the killer left a horse hair in the pool skimmer box. The horse it came from had been dosed with Winstrol, which vets only use on nags on their last legs, which rules out Dosher and Patricia's horses, but not the kind she rode at Arkin Ranch that morning, before she went to kill Kevin.

Longworth points to the jacket she loaned Callie, explaining that horsehair off her hoodie matched the one from Patricia's pool. Darcy falls back against the counter, bitter. She explains that she got Kevin job after job and he always messed them up. When she asked him to help her get on Second Chance, he wouldn't. He jumped in the pool and she got pissed and pushed in the Outdoor Vac. Darcy claims it was an accident and Longworth pitches in, "but afterwards wasn't," explaining that she flipped the breakers, cleaned up, took Kevin's keys and stole the vial. He reaches into the freezer, pulls out a Styrofoam container. Inside is a plastic vial with tubing attached -- an artificial insemination syringe.

Darcy tells Longworth that she hopes he's happy now that he's ruined Second Chance, but Longworth counters that it was actually Darcy who ruined him, since she used the truth of lineage to extort Kevin and get herself back in the race. Darcy asks what's going to happen to Second Chance. Longworth tells her he doesn't know, but he knows what's going to happen to her. He cuffs her, grabs the Styrofoam cooler and takes her out of the apartment.

The hood of Longworth's charger is up again as Callie pulls up in her car. Callie is furious at Longworth for taking advantage of her and Darcy's friendship. She asks if Darcy has been formally charged and Longworth replies, "Murder One." Callie remarks that Longworth should've told her he had a hunch about Darcy and is hurt that he didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth. Longworth explains he was trying to protect her. She tells him not to and that she won't be with someone who treats her like a kid. She gets in her car, no kiss goodbye, and drives away, leaving Longworth to consider how he has hurt her.